Latest Laois Weather: Mid-week Weather Update

Latest Laois Weather: Mid-week Weather Update

Weather forecast for remainder of week & early next week

Wednesday, 25 October, 2023 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS: Rather unsettled but all elements fairly close to seasonal averages, south may see a bit more rain than other regions. Colder Sunday and early Monday, turning milder during following few days peaking around 2nd November and becoming very windy. (confidence moderate at present, will need to be watched for storm potential 2-3 Nov)


TODAY rain will slowly move in across south and west, reaching midlands by early afternoon and east coast by late afternoon. Patchy dense fog in central counties could reduce visibility in low-lying areas near ponds and streams or standing water from recent rainfalls. This fog will gradually lift during the next few hours. Some filtered sunshine through cloud layers and increasing cloud before the rain arrives, highs 13 to 15 C. Becoming rather windy on south coast by afternoon (southerly winds 50-70 km/hr).

TONIGHT overcast with rain or showers, lows 7 to 9 C.

THURSDAY rain tapering off to showers, rather breezy from the southwest, and highs 12 to 14 C.

FRIDAY further outbreaks of rain, lows near 8 C and highs near 13 C.

SATURDAY widespread intermittent rain, and a few intervals of heavy rain in southeast by afternoon and evening although it appears heaviest rain will head for south Wales and southwest England, rainfall showery further north, lows near 9 C and highs 11 to 13 C.

Your forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online

SUNDAY turning a bit colder with winds gradually turning to northeast (40-60 km/hr in exposed coastal areas of north and northwest). A few showers and brighter intervals. Lows 5 to 7 C and highs 7 to 10 C, coldest inland northern counties.

MONDAY variable cloud, showers, lows near 4 C and highs near 10 C, becoming windy towards evening.

TUESDAY variable cloud, showers or intervals of rain likely, lows near 6 C and highs near 11 C.

WEDNESDAY into THURSDAY (2-3 Nov) potentially quite windy, milder, with a strong southwest flow, dry at first then rain along a fast-paced cold front, highs around 13 C until colder air arrives, winds veering westerly. Potential for wind gusts over 100 km/hr with this so we’ll be keeping a close eye on how it actually develops as the lead time of 7-8 days is too large to be overly confident of details yet. This system picks up some of the energy from hurricane Tammy which will loop around near Bermuda on the weekend to get into position to merge with strong low pressure coming out of eastern Canada.

Further fast paced frontal waves are expected to follow, one of which could include remnants of another tropical system expected to be near Florida in about a week to ten days’ time.