Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for week ending Jan 14

Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for week ending Jan 14

Latest forecast for Laois and surrounding counties

Monday, 8 January, 2024 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS will continue cold and dry, with near average sunshine, temperatures likely to average 3 or 4 deg below normal values. It also appears likely to stay quite cold all of the following week (15-21 Jan).

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TODAY, watch for icy stretches on some roads in Leinster and inland central counties, in fact anywhere that has seen early frost and fog, because a few mixed showers are feeding in from the Irish Sea and this could leave roadways wet, and/or could lead to eventual black ice for some locations. Conditions will be variable from one location to another, if you are driving any distance expect changing road conditions. Later today, any remnant ice fog will be slow to dissipate in some places. The weak bands of wintry showers will come and go, just small accumulations of rain or sleet expected, snow showers could fall well inland (trace to 1 cm amounts). Some sunny breaks later, cold with highs of 4 to 7 C.

Cold and dry for the whole week

TONIGHT clear intervals, very cold, freezing fog is still possible. Lows -6 to -2 C. Icy conditions could return to generally same areas as this morning.

TUESDAY sunny with cloudy intervals, morning frosts severe but fog less widespread except inland north. Isolated wintry showers near south coast in a freshening southeast breeze sometimes reaching 30 to 50 km/hr. This wind may not be felt in central or northern counties closer to high pressure. Lows -6 to -2 C, highs 3 to 6 C.

WEDNESDAY to FRIDAY will stay dry and cold, with at least some sunshine each day, winds light to moderate easterly, slowly backing to northeast, as the high drifts further west. Each day, temperatures in a similar range, lows -5 to -1 C and highs 4 to 7 C. Winds most noticeable near south coast.

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There is likely to be only a slight (if any) relaxation of the cold by weekend of 13-14 January as a somewhat variable northwesterly flow develops ahead of a second surge of cold air expected to arrive Monday 15th into Tuesday 16th. Temperatures on weekend could peak at around 7 or 8 C with less frost although lows close to freezing still, and patchy frost. Extent of frost depends on whether the high pressure area (now just north of Ulster) weakens or just slumps down over top of Ireland before giving way. Then it may be a colder interval developing but this time with moderate northerly winds giving a stronger wind chill effect than we’re seeing this week. With that northerly flow, some potential exists for locally significant snowfalls especially over parts of Ulster and Connacht, Leinster would be spared unless winds turn east of due north, but there will be snow showers moving south in the nearby Irish Sea, Disturbances forming just south of Ireland and running east along the arctic front could bring sleet or snow, but so far no strong indications on actual threats, and we probably won’t have very clear indications of details on day to day variations in this cold spell extension until later this week.