Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for coming week

Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for coming week

Latest Weather Update for Laois and surrounding counties

Sunday, 3 December, 2023 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS … cold at first, turning much milder by Wednesday morning in south, to later Wednesday or early Thursday north, with heavy rain and potential for strong winds. Further heavy rain and strong winds could follow by Friday into early Saturday, then it could begin to turn a bit colder through next weekend.

Forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page


TODAY will be foggy in places, frost dissipating slowly, or where not frosty, cloudy and drizzly, with temperatures slowly recovering to highs of about 3 to 6 C. Winds will become northeast 40-60 km/hr across all but far northern counties, and some mixed wintry precipitation will develop from Irish Sea, sleet or wet snow on higher terrain and rain or sleet/hail closer to sea level. This could cover a substantial portion of the country by late afternoon, but rates could be slight and only a thin coating of sleety hail could cover grassy surfaces and higher slopes.

TONIGHT will be overcast and cold with sleet, or wet snow and cold rain, covering eastern and southern counties, no large accumulations are expected but 3-5 cm could fall on some higher terrain. Winds northeast backing to north 50-70 km/hr, lows 1 to 3 C.

MONDAY will be cloudy and rather cold with temperatures steady in a narrow range, 1 to 3 C, but closer to 5 C in onshore northeast to north winds of 40 to 60 km/hr. Some further sleety cold rain or mixed showers could continue in southeast. A snowfall of 5-10 cms could develop over parts of Wales and the English west Midlands, affecting regional travel. There could be one or two higher spots in south Leinster seeing a 2-5 cm snowfall from early morning to mid-day.

TUESDAY will be mostly cloudy with some sunny breaks in the north. A strong Atlantic storm will be approaching by late in the day, at this point, timing of its onset is more suggestive of late overnight or Wednesday morning, but western counties could see its effects sooner. Lows near -2 C and highs near 4 C except 5-8 C in southwestern counties. Windy with heavy rain by late overnight into Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY could turn quite windy, south to southwest 60-90 km/hr with potential for higher gusts near Atlantic west and south coasts. Strong winds, intervals of rain (10-20 mm), and temperatures near 10 or 11 C are likely. We will narrow down the range of potential outcomes closer to the time. There is still some chance of this being a more moderate southwesterly mild flow without stormy characteristics too.

By THURSDAY, strong southwest winds will gradually ease, with some further rain mainly in west, and lows near 4 C, highs around 7 to 9 C.

FRIDAY’s outlook is quite uncertain. Some guidance suggests a second deep low will form to southwest and track near west coast, which would produce a windy and wet day with highs near 10 C. Severe wind gusts are indicated as possible in that guidance, but another possible outcome would be for this low to track into south-central Ireland leading to colder sleety rainfalls, heavy in places, and a range of temperatures from 4 C in north, west to 8 C in south, east. A sleety wintry mix is still possible especially over higher terrain.

Latest weather forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page

From that point on, guidance is still more like speculation than helpful indications of a sure trend; what seems most likely is for further battles between cold air masses from north or northeast, and Atlantic storm systems trying to bring back very mild air. A wide range of outcomes are possible. I think it may become quite stormy at some point around midweek of the interval 11-15 Dec. Very cold air could appear from central Europe towards weekend of 16-17 Dec or in the week before Christmas.