Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for coming week

Latest Laois Weather: Forecast for coming week

Latest Weather Update for Laois and surrounding counties

Monday, 5 February, 2024 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS will change rapidly mid-week, from very mild with rainfall slowly increasing north to south, to a colder pattern with potential for heavy falls of cold rain, sleet or snow.

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TODAY will be very mild with occasional rain across the north, and highs 11 to 13 C. Winds increasing to west-southwest 50-80 km/hr.

TONIGHT cloudy with occasional rain, mild, breezy. Lows 8 to 10 C.

TUESDAY rain will become more widespread from north to south, staying mild in the south where lows 7 to 9 C and highs 11 to 13 C. Turning colder northern and later central counties, temperatures falling into a range of 3 to 6 C. Rain could become sleety on higher terrain by afternoon.

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WEDNESDAY will start out with a brief dry spell, colder with lows around -2 to +3 C. Some sunny breaks mid-day followed by rain advancing in from southwest overnight, highs by evening near 8 C except staying closer to a range of 3 to 5 C in north, 4 to 6 central counties, and rain could again be sleety on hills overnight into Thursday.

THURSDAY rain could begin to mix with sleet or even snow across parts of central and northern counties, temperatures steady 2 to 5 C for most, 4 to 7 C south, possibly near 10 C in southeast coastal areas. Bands of rain, sleet and snow will become established from south to north, exact definition of zones may change closer to the time.

FRIDAY to SUNDAY (11th) most guidance now suggests that these bands of rain, sleet and snow will continue to affect all regions, with some slight movements north or south at times, but it will likely stay considerably milder in the southern tier of counties than in central counties where sleet or mixed falls are likely, and it will be even a bit colder inland north where snow is more likely. Where guidance has not yet come to one unified solution is around Sunday with one source suggesting potential for a cold northeasterly wind bringing heavy snow streamers into eastern counties, whereas other guidance is less aggressive on this later phase of the event and shows the bands weakening and disappearing in favour of weak bands of wintry showers from a northerly wind. So we await a more reliable message from the various models to be very sure of what’s going to happen around Sunday and possibly Monday 12th, keep in mind then the potential for heavy snowfalls or just a concluding phase of the mixed wintry falls expected Thursday to Saturday.

Latest weather forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page

By the following week, moderating temperatures in a southeast to southerly flow, high pressure more in control, temperatures recovering by 1-2 deg daily, but here again, details are quite varied from one source of guidance to the next. Some signs exist for a relatively fast recovery to 8-10 C or even higher.