Latest Laois News: ‘We Care Laois’ service launched

Latest Laois News: ‘We Care Laois’ service launched

We care Laois

We care Laois is envisioned as a service which will provide help and support for those experiencing the following issues in society.

Homelessness: whether it be those who are sleeping rough, who are in squat or who are living in emergency accommodation or hostels or couch surfing with family and friends.

Those who are affected by Mental health- be it families and friends, service users, or those experiencing mental health issues who may not have engaged with services yet but need help

Those who are affected by Addiction issues be it individuals or their family and friends who are experiencing issues in terms of alcoholism or drugs/ gambling.

We aim to provide both, support in terms of a confidential listening ear service and information on other services in laois, government and voluntary for people experiencing these issues.

This service will be delivered by trained a professional counsellor or social care practitioner on duty.

We Care Laois service launched

Are you homeless, do you have drug or alcohol issues, or do you have mental health issues?

Are you affected by these issues in terms of supporting your family and friends?

Would you like help with any of these issues?

Would you like a service you can use any time day or night or during the weekend?

Would you like to know what services you can avail of in your area?

Then we care is the answer to all of these,

Facebook @ We care Laois Web: Tel: 087 900 7669 (Temp)