Latest Laois News: Upcoming Laois Roadworks in Portlaoise & Portarlington

Latest Laois News: Upcoming Laois Roadworks in Portlaoise & Portarlington

Laois County Council notes ongoing public health guidelines including the suspension of construction, with limited exceptions. One of the exceptions relevant to local authorities includes the ‘repair, maintenance and construction of critical transport infrastructure.’ In addition ‘the control and critical maintenance of the transport infrastructure network (including roads)’ is designated as an essential service.

Taking the above into account together with other pressing and urgent economic and social considerations, Laois County Council will commence the following roadworks in the coming days/weeks;

  1. J17 National Enterprise Park Surfacing and Public Lighting, Portlaoise (Wednesday 3rd March, 2021),
  2. Bull Lane Rehabilitation Scheme, Portlaoise (Monday 8th March, 2021).
  3. Main Street Rehabilitation Scheme, Portarlington (Monday 8th March, 2021).
photo of men at work sign
Essential roadwork projects in Portlaoise and Portarlington

All Laois County Council construction works related to the 2021 Roadworks Programme remain suspended. Only selected NTA/TII funded road schemes, essential emergency maintenance, winter maintenance and/or road safety repairs are being provided at this time, to be reviewed following further public health advices in early April 2021.