Latest Laois News: This week’s Laois Weather Forecast

Latest Laois News: This week’s Laois Weather Forecast

Laois Weather Forecast for the coming week

photo of sun shining on lake in Kilminchy Laois
Laois is about to get proper summer weather 📷 Uljana Ip

Temperatures will average 2 to 3 deg above normal values. Rainfall will average as much as 150 per cent of normal in parts of west Munster, near normal from south Connacht through the midlands into east Munster, and 50 per cent in north Leinster and most of Ulster. Sunshine will average near normal values; rather cloudy after Tuesday but enough bright spells to keep the totals from falling below normal thanks to a good start in this element. Winds will generally be rather light, except for brief intervals of moderate southerly winds around tonight and Thursday on the west coast.


TODAY will continue sunny and warm in many areas, but cloud will dominate in the west where there could be some occasional light rain near the Mayo and later west Donegal coasts. At times it will become rather breezy (south to southwest 40-60 km/hr) on Atlantic coasts but winds will be considerably lighter in most other regions. Highs will be 20 to 23 C for most, possibly holding near 16 C on cloudier west and south coasts.

TONIGHT will see rain edging slowly further east but not making much progress past Galway to Shannon to west Cork, partly cloudy and mild further east, lows 10 to 12 C.

TUESDAY will still have some sunny intervals and warm temperatures in most central and eastern counties, as the cloud and occasional rain from a stalled front make only limited further progress eastward into some parts of central Connacht and west Munster. Highs 19 to 23 C.

WEDNESDAY will feature some rain and embedded thundershowers moving in from the south, probably with rather limited impacts for many areas until later in the day when some of the rain could become heavy or even torrential in parts of west Munster; much lesser amounts are expected in Leinster and Ulster, totals will vary from 5-10 mm there to 30-50 mm in some parts of Kerry, Limerick and Cork, into south Clare overnight. Rather warm and humid with lows near 14 C and highs near 19 C.

THURSDAY some of the heavy to torrential rain could continue for part of the morning hours in west Munster before most of it either dissipates to light showers, or moves northwest into the Atlantic. Otherwise this frontal system will likely be losing much of its organization and leaving behind partly cloudy skies, isolated showers and fairly warm temperatures in the same range as the previous day (lows near 14 C, highs 19 to 21 C). Eventually some parts of this system may make a return visit to land further north bringing some moderate showers to Connacht and Ulster by late in the day.

photo of country road in laois ireland in good weather
Weather to turn warmer and sunnier!

FRIDAY and SATURDAY will probably be partly cloudy and rather warm days with isolated showers; however, another locally heavy rainfall event will be moving north out of France towards southwest England, Wales and the Irish Sea — any change in its predicted track could bring heavy rains to Leinster but this is not indicated yet in any guidance available. If it stays away, the two days should be relatively settled and highs will be 18 to 21 C.The pattern beyond that is rather disorganized with weak disturbances eddying around over the region with little change in the temperature regime. So it should stay relatively warm for the second week of June with perhaps near average amounts of rain. Later into the month it could become more unsettled.