Latest Laois News: Sinn Féin adds running mate for Caroline Deane Stanley in 2024 Local Elections

Latest Laois News: Sinn Féin adds running mate for Caroline Deane Stanley in 2024 Local Elections

Maria McCormack set to join Cllr. Dwane Stanley on Sinn Féin ticket

Sinn Féin has been quick to bulk up its number of candidates in the most populous LEA in Laois. The party will be running at least two candidates in the Portlaoise LEA with the announcement that Maria McCormack, once ratified, will be Caroline Deane Stanley’s running mate in the next Local Election to be held in May 2024. With their party riding high in the polls Cllr. Dwane Stanley’s possible surplus may well get Ms. McCormack over the line.

Signed Results Sheet for Portlaoise LEA by John Hayes on Scribd

“I would like to introduce myself as the new Sinn Féin candidate for the county council elections for May 2024. I will be running along side Caroline Dwane Stanley. I have been a very active member of Sinn Fèin for the last 3 years but I am a long standing supporter of the party. I am very excited to be nominated by the local party and look forward to be ratified hopefully within the next few weeks. I am delighted with this opportunity and hope I can win the support of my local community to serve them and have a voice on our local council to improve our community. 

I live in  Fielbrook and am employed locally in the health care industry.As a parent with a young family, I am keenly aware of the many challenges facing families, dealing with the cost of living crisis, housing and access to services etc.

Healthcare is my passion and during the period that I worked as a pharmacy technician, I saw at first hand the difficulties caused by the lack of basic services. 

I have a daughter on the autism spectrum and as a member of Laois/Offaly Families for Autism (LOFA) I am a keen advocate to have services improved. Primary care services, including mental health services in the community, need to be given a greater priority and being a member of Family Carers Ireland I am determined to work on this.

From a young age I have been active in the local community, from been chairperson of Ballyroan Foróige to Laois Civil Defence and enjoyed preforming with Portlaoise Gospel Choir and Portlaoise Musical Society .Over the years I have done a considerable amount of voluntary work in our community and this is where I have developed a love for helping people.

I have always been a strong advocate for the marginalized or vulnerable people in our community to ensure inclusion and equality for everyone.

Politics and human rights are my passion, in particular local government. My family have had a longstanding connection with republicanism as my great grandfather Jim Lewis from Morette was one of the first Sinn Féin Councillors elected in Laois.

I am unbelievably proud to carry on this tradition.

I want to be part of a hard working team of Sinn Féin councillors in Laois and play my part to improve local services, housing and infrastructure.

These are some of the basic cornerstones that I feel strongly about as a candidate.”