Latest Laois News: MEP Maria Walsh visits and helps launch EU initiative at Portlaoise College

Latest Laois News: MEP Maria Walsh visits and helps launch EU initiative at Portlaoise College

EU initiative at Portlaoise College launched by MEP Maria Walsh

Midlands-North-West MEP Maria Walsh was delighted to join Portlaoise Family Resource Centre (FRC) for their launch of the “You and the EU” programme in Portlaoise College on Tuesday November 2nd. She is the only Irish member of the CULT committee *Culture and Education) within the European Parliament

The programme, designed by the Portlaoise FRC, was funded by The Department of Foreign Affairs through the Communicating Europe Initiative. The programme will be delivered in Portlaoise College and aims to heighten public awareness of the role of the EU in our daily lives.

The event took place in Portlaoise college and involved a vibrant conversation amongst young people and MEP Walsh. Speaking after the event, MEP Walsh said:

“This is an engaged school, a school that wants to deliver the best to their students. I answered a range of questions from housing, education and how the EU supports us in our daily lives. I was truly blown away by the knowledge these young people showcased and their curiosity surrounding the EU and our place within it.”

MEP Walsh also attended a display of the mosaic course offered by the FRC which was centred around the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty this month:

“I was delighted to meet with such an amazing group of women who have their own perceptions of equality and inequality and showcased them through this project. They are dedicated to generating the type of community they want to live in” said MEP Walsh.

Speaking about the services offered by the FRC, MEP Walsh remarked as follows:

“It was really fascinating to see the amount of work that goes on there. Everyday, 140 meals are prepared for school children. They offer a range of classes like business and english, it’s fantastic.”