Latest Laois News: Legacy of St. Brigid celebrated by modern women

Latest Laois News: Legacy of St. Brigid celebrated by modern women


To mark St. Brigid’s Day, Ireland’s first ever national holiday dedicated to a woman, Herstory are celebrating modern women who embody Her qualities as environmentalist, feminist, activist, humanitarian, pioneer, healer, poet, creatrix and wisdom weaver. 

St. Brigid lived 1,500 years ago and the Goddess Brigid predates Christianity yet She is as relevant today as ever. Herstory Poet-In-Residence and Laois woman Laura Murphy was inspired to write Is Mise Bríd while working on their 3-year-long campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday. 


Laura Murphy says;

“Brigid was a guiding light for some of Ireland’s greatest humanitarians and revolutionaries including Grace O’ Malley, Lady Gregory and Maud Gonne. She is an inspiration in my life too. Brigid offers us a powerful template for living a purposeful life. She teaches us how to care for ourselves, each other and the planet. Brigid doesn’t want to be worshipped, She wants her qualities to be lived.

‘Is Mise Bríd’ is about embodying Brigid’s essence. When we do this, we ignite the inner fires of creativity, inspiration and passion that are needed for the flourishing of ourselves and our planet.”

Melanie Lynch, Herstory Founder & CEO says; 

“Our national holiday for Brigid signals a new era for Ireland guided by Her principles of equality, truth, justice and love. Herstory are honoured to shine a light on women who embody Brigid’s qualities in their lives and work.”

Herstory leads the national St. Brigid’s Day celebrations with a spectacular Herstory Festival of Light, illuminating iconic landmarks with beautiful art of women. The full programme of free events as well as school artivism project, articles, art and lots of ideas on how the nation can celebrate Brigid and mná na hÉireann can be found on

Herstory’s Melanie Lynch and Laura Murphy join Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney as she gathers a “mnásome” group of women including former president Mary McAleese in her quest for the Real Brigid. Tune in to watch RTÉ’s epic new documentary Finding Brigid on Tuesday, January 31 on RTÉ One at 10.15pm