Latest Laois News: Laois Weather and Snow Tracker

Latest Laois News: Laois Weather and Snow Tracker

Thursday, 9 March, 2023 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

Courtesy of Irish Weather Online 
TRENDS are similar to yesterday’s report, but will not be updated until storm has moved through.
TODAY will bring a sleety cold rain to many parts of the south and east, to about the line from Galway Bay to Louth. Alternating intervals of sleet, wet snow and rain or ice pellets possible near this zone. Further north, heavy wet snow except mixing with rain near sea level at times. Snow accumulations in many parts of Connacht and Ulster, with east winds 30-50 km/hr throughout, except southeast 40-60 km/hr near south coast. Travel will become difficult in parts of Connacht and Ulster, also Longford and Westmeath, and higher portions of other counties. Highs 5-8 C near south coast, 2-5 C in midlands, most of Leinster, and 1 or 2 C in Connacht and Ulster (readings near zero C at times in heavy snow). Snow accumulating rather gradually at first, the best period for accumulation comes more towards evening, but some places will have 5 cm cover by afternoon. Rainfalls of 20-30 mm possible in parts of central and southern counties.

TONIGHT snow will continue across parts of Connacht and Ulster with winds backing to northeast then north 50-80 km/hr. Some blowing and drifting of snow likely and travel strongly discouraged. Near blizzard conditions possible. Temperatures will edge down to about -1 C during the final phase of snowfall, and to -5 C after it clears (but some low cloud and blowing snow may continue). These harsh conditions will also start to move south into the midlands and Leinster, and adjacent portions of Munster, by about 8 p.m., rain or sleet may then change to heavy snow with winds northeast 40-70 km/hr. Temperatures will fall to about zero C in the heavy snow and to -3 C after it ends. Parts of west Munster may see more variable forms of precipitation as it turns colder in north to northwest winds, temperatures 1-3 C. Snow will definitely accumulate on hills in all regions. By end of this storm event, accumulations of at least 5-10 cm likely in many parts of Connacht, Ulster, north Leinster, and north midlands, with 10-15 cm on some hilly terrain. A covering of 2-5 cm likely by late tonight in counties further south, most of that will fall from midnight to 0400h. Wind chills to -10 C in exposed areas. Roads will become icy, and in some cases may become impassable, during the height of this storm.

FRIDAY will be very cold with a mixture of cloud and sun. Winds northerly 40-60 km/hr will ease to easterly 30-50 km/hr later. Highs 2-5 C. Slow melting of snow may produce slushy and dangerous road travel conditions. Snow pack will remain 5-15 cm on higher ground in north and some other hilly areas further south.
SATURDAY will become milder in stages, snow, sleet and rain will move north gradually, snow amounts look fairly minimal at this point with these warm fronts, but could amount to 2-5 cm in a few cases. Morning lows of -4 to +2 C will yield to milder late afternoon readings of 7-10 C.
SUNDAY and MONDAY will be quite mild with occasional rain (10-15 mm expected). Some flooding risks from combined rain and snow melt in northern counties. Winds moderate to strong southwest 40-70 km/hr increasing to 60-90 km/hr at times on Monday. Highs both days 10-13 C and mild on Sunday night (5-8 C). Turning sharply colder with snow flurries Monday evening and overnight, winds northwest 50-80 km/hr.
TUESDAY will be windy and cold with partial clearing, highs near 4 C.
It will then be back to milder weather for a few days around Wednesday although some eastern and northern counties may stay cold well into the day while it turns milder more readily in south and west. The pattern beyond this looks variable with a few colder days between brief mild spells.

Latest weather forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page