Latest Laois News: Laois Leader gets over €2 Million

Latest Laois News: Laois Leader gets over €2 Million

€2,104,992 Funding for Laois Leader Programme

It is confirmed that €2,104,992 has been allocated to Laois Leader by the Government.

This new funding is available for projects in Laois for this year and 2022. This new extension to the existing Leader Programme is in place until a new long-term Leader Programme is approved for future years.

This new programme is now open for applications and Local Communities and Enterprises are encouraged to make contact with Laois Leader to discuss their plans. This funding will support projects for Local Communities including developing outdoor amenities and creating jobs in rural areas and embracing opportunities for the green economy.

To get in touch with Laois Partnership re: your expression of interest click here.

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Laois Leader Programme gets over €2 Million

Funding Limits/ Grant Rates/ Eligibility

LEADER funding is not intended for large scale projects and a ceiling of € 200,000 will apply. In most cases, however the finite nature of the funding and the focus of the local development strategy will mean that the average grant is likely to be much lower than the maximum figure.

In general, private projects carry a maximum grant rate of 50% for capital projects and 75% for analysis and development, subject to the ceilings below. Corresponding community based projects may receive up to 75% and 90% rates respectively. Training projects can receive up to 100% funding.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Laois Partnership directly and meet with one of our development officers to discuss their project and establish its eligibility under the programme.

(Text Credit: Laois Partnership)