Latest Laois News: Laois sports stars awarded LIT scholarships

Latest Laois News: Laois sports stars awarded LIT scholarships

Two Laois athletes were among the 78 students that received the Limerick Institute of Technology Sports Scholarship this academic year.

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HurlingConor CosgroveLaoisCivil Engineering1

In a year when sporting events have been seriously impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sport and Recreation Office at LIT remains committed to supporting young athletic talent and the general health and wellness of the entire LIT community.

File Photo 2020 Scholarship Awards Ceremony at LIT

Supported by sponsors PMI, the LIT Sports Scholarships are set apart from other sports scholarships as they encourage young athletes to achieve greatness in their chosen sport, while also providing a vast range of off-field supports for their education and mental wellbeing.

This year’s recipients excel at a number of sports including basketball, camogie, hurling, Gaelic football, handball, rugby, kickboxing and swimming.

President of LIT, Prof Vincent Cunnane, described the scholarships as reflective of LIT’s ethos – supporting its students to be the best they can be in their chosen field, while also ensuring they have the skillset and knowledge to succeed long after they graduate from LIT.

File Photo 2020 Scholarship Awards Ceremony at LIT

“The LIT sport scholarship programme continues to value and support students in a balanced way, as they strive to reach their goals both on and off the competitive arena,” he said.

“The LIT Sports Scholarship Programme enables the recipients to unlock their personal potential, and these supports are just as important this year, if not more so, as we all face the challenges posed by the pandemic.”

Adrian Flaherty Sports Recreation & Facilities Officer, LIT, said despite these challenging times for sport, the aim of the scholarships remains clear.

“Now in its fourth year, the LIT’s Sports Scholarship Programme provides athletic support, focuses on individual welfare, and includes off-field mentoring and education support to its recipients,” said Mr Flaherty

“Despite the impact of the pandemic on sport we continue to meet the goals set out by the scholarship programme in new ways. This year has been a challenge, but lessons learnt through participation in sport include resilience, team work and working to overcome obstacles, disappointments and setbacks The Sport’s Team here at LIT have being working with our scholarship recipients to ensure they receive the assistance they need to reach their academic goals while working to protect their physical health and mental wellbeing.”

File Photo 2020 Scholarship Awards Ceremony at LIT

“Among the other initiatives being rolled out to support the health and wellness of our students, staff and the general community is the six week “LIT Sport Virtual Health & Wellness 2021,” added Mr Flaherty.

“Every day over the six-week period, ending on March 7, the programme will help increase health awareness by providing workouts, resources, webinars, demonstrations, live discussions and evidence-based material to all participants. Each week focuses on a new subject including areas such as Time Management to Sleep Health; Exercise & Training to Nutrition; and Setbacks & Stress to Meditation & Mindfulness. Participation is free to everyone and full details are available at Instagram: @LIT_Health_Wellness.”

File Photo 2020 Scholarship Awards Ceremony at LIT

Meanwhile, LIT’s Sports Scholarship programme is now open for applications at