Latest Laois News: International Charity welcomes Midland’s woman on board

Latest Laois News: International Charity welcomes Midland’s woman on board

International School Feeding Charity, Mary’s Meals, Welcomes Midland’s Woman to Team

Angela Moore, from outside Roscrea, on the borders of Laois, Offaly and Tipperary, has been
appointed the new Supporter Engagement Officer for international school feeding charity, Mary’s

Mary’s Meals is an international organisation providing a daily meal in a place of education for
children in some of the poorest communities in the world. They are currently feeding more than 2
million children, in 20 countries, across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The charity
consists primarily of volunteers, with people from all walks of life, united in the vision that no child
should go hungry in this world of plenty.

Having volunteered for the charity for the past two years, Angela is delighted to be given the
opportunity to grow the movement in the south of Ireland. “It is an absolute privilege for me to join
the Mary’s Meals Ireland team as Support Engagement Officer in Munster and Leinster,” she says.
“I am very excited to join this global movement and to bring my energy to supporting school feeding
projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.”

While just €18.30 feeds a child for an entire school year through Mary’s Meals, those daily meals
enable children to come to the classroom and gain an education, rather than working, begging or
scavenging for food.

“As a mother, I empathise with the many mothers throughout the world who are living in poverty
and who watch their children go hungry,” continues Angela. “I regularly feel mammy guilt, but I can’t
imagine what these mammies feel, through no fault of their own. In our world of plenty, it is
unthinkable that so many tummies rumble with hunger.”

Angela Moore, Support Engagement Officer for Mary’s Meals Ireland

Angela was also drawn to the charity because of their low-cost approach and the simplicity of their
programmes. Mary’s Meals are committed to spending at least 93% of all donations on their
charitable activities, ensuring that the donations entrusted to them are spent where they are
needed most.

Angela hit the ground running last week when she joined the charity’s largest annual fundraiser, the
Step by Step to Feed the Next Child Walk. The walk, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year,
sees volunteers from all over Ireland set off from seven different starting points and, over nine days,
walk more than 200kms to Knock, Co. Mayo. Local sponsored walks are also organised during this
period, enabling others to get involved on a smaller scale and raise vital funds for school feeding

For more information on the work of Mary’s Meals worldwide and how you can support us, please
visit or please contact Angela Moore, Support Engagement Officer, on 089
4339592 or email