Latest Laois Event: Have yourselves a Happy Biking Christmas and New Year

Latest Laois Event: Have yourselves a Happy Biking Christmas and New Year

Have a Happy biking Christmas and New Year

Novelist and historian H.G Wells once said….“when I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the human race”.

Portlaoise town centre is a busy place with lots of traffic, it’s great to see busy trade and people out and about said Lorraine Flanagan, Senior Travel Officer with Green-Schools who has become very familiar with the town since she and colleague Dr. Karen Moore began working with Laois County Council on the Low Carbon Portlaoise Schools Project earlier this year.  Lorraine loves the vibrancy of the town and especially some of the narrower streets and other finds such as the People’s Park. 

Lorraine spoke with local cycling commuter Jonathan Maher this week, who explained “it’s quicker and easier to get to work in the town by bicycle instead of the car”.

Local cycling commuter Jonathan Maher

It’s great to see cyclists around the town, wouldn’t it be great if more people took to the bike. So, if you’re in a dilemma for Christmas present ideas, for yourself, your children or a family member, why not consider the bike, it’s been around for years, and has only improved. Consider your options, what purpose the bike is for, consider if you need a brand new one, or take a look for a good value secondhand bicycle!

If you already have a bike, it might be worth renewing your helmet or bike lights. Ideally helmets need to be replaced every 5 years, and for children who are still growing it maybe time for them to move out of their Paw Patrol helmet and into a bigger helmet!

The bicycle will help get you fit, get you around town and to school quicker, has zero emissions and gives you freedom and enjoyment! Help Portlaoise become Low Carbon, reduce vehicle emissions and help yourself and your family to a fitter and active lifestyle. For your chance to win a Cycle Start kit – see competition below.

Win one of these Mini Cycle kits
Win one of these Mini Cycle kits

Competition Question to win a one of 3 Mini Cycle Kits:

What year was the bicycle (with pedals) invented? A. 1780 B. 1860 C. 1901

Email your answer with your name and mobile number to to be entered into the draw for one of three mini cycle kits.