Latest Laois News: Greater appetite among Community Groups to use Public Land

Latest Laois News: Greater appetite among Community Groups to use Public Land

Community Groups Show Appetite for Using Public Land

Coillte received 42 applications from groups seeking to use their lands in Laois in 2019, prior to the Covid outbreak, while Bord na Móna has seen a spike in amenity-use requests with 30 applications in the last six months.

This appetite from community groups and recreational enterprises came to light in a webinar – Land Use, Community & Enterprise – hosted by Minister Pippa Hackett to bring state landowners and interested parties together.

Around 90 people attended the webinar, which was addressed by representatives of Coillte, Bord na Móna, ESB, Failte Ireland and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO).

Amanda Walsh of Bord na Móna said the webinar was timely from their perspective.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of amenity-project from 30 application over a 20-year period to 30 applications in the last six months,” she said. “And the scope of the projects is increasing in size.”

Ms Walsh emphasised the importance of projects aligning with the company’s climate solutions strategy.

“We need to be very measured and planned,” she said. “We’re not going to have monster truck rallies across the bogs. We have devised a new process which involves screening and a pre-qualification questionnaire.”

She predicted that the company’s Peatlands Climate Action Scheme will transform the land and develop potential for amenity even further.

Increased appetite amongst community groups to use public land
Increased appetite amongst community groups to use public land

“We have an open forest policy for individuals and small groups but outside of that you need a permit,” he explained. Activities on Coillte land range from archery to car rallying, orienteering to mountain-biking.

“Everybody’s idea is welcome,” said Mr. Buckley. “We take into account the service being provided and the environmental management. We have a Leave No Trace policy. With business applications we will recognise the benefit to the local economy.”

With the closure of Shannonbridge and Lanesboro power stations, the ESB has land for which it is considering further us. Donal Phelan of the ESB said the two sites are effectively industrial complexes which don’t have the amenity potential of Coillte or the ESB. However, he said the Dalton Centre – currently used for ESB archive material at Shannonbridge – has potential as an enterprise centre.

“It could be useful for community start-up schemes and we are in talks with Offaly County Council about that,” he told the webinar.

Greater appetite among Community Groups to use Public Land Pic courtesy of Con Murphy Photography

“The passion of a local community group has to be matched with organisational expertise,” he advised.

This was echoed by Orla Martin, head of enterprise at the Offaly Local Enterprise Office.

“Preparation is key for success and credibility when you approach a stakeholder like Bord na Móna or Coillte,” she said. “Assess your own skills, define your business structure, and reach out early to find out what funding streams are available.”