Latest Laois News: ‘Consider It Cakes’ coming to Laois

Latest Laois News: ‘Consider It Cakes’ coming to Laois

‘Consider It Cakes’ coming to Laois

Consider It Cakes!

‘Consider It Cakes’ is looking to brighten up residents’ days with a simple but generous gesture: baked goods. The Laois branch was just set up & are now looking for volunteers.


Since the project was set up last summer, over 500 cakes & other baked goods for various occasions have been delivered to people living in direct provision with over 300 people currently volunteering to bake and deliver cakes to centres across the country. As well as giving people a boost with a special delivery, organisers also hope it will let residents know there are people in the wider community who care for them – especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The reactions are priceless and since we started this initiative it has brought so much joy into our lives because we feel like we can really make a change.

How it works

1)  Anyone who is homeless, asylum-seeking or simply cannot afford a cake because of their current situation is eligible can request a cake (whatever the occasion) for a child, partner or friend. All flavours of cakes are available, and people can choose a theme/favourite toppings etc which they otherwise might not be able to afford.

‘Consider It Cakes’ coming to Laois

2) The order is then passed on to a volunteer – simply someone who likes to bake.

3) That volunteer then sets aside some of their free time to make and deliver the cake. Children also get a little wrapped present for their birthday, such as a stuffed animal or a book.

We also like to celebrate events with special “treat days”, for example, Christmas, World Mental Health Day, International Women’s Day & so on.

Laois Branch

You can visit ‘Consider it Cakes’ on Instagram, Facebook or the website for contact details or for further information. To get involved with the Laois branch, you can also contact Jamie Deery directly on