Latest Laois News: Conor Bergin elected county’s youngest-ever Cathaoirleach

Latest Laois News: Conor Bergin elected county’s youngest-ever Cathaoirleach

Bergin ascends to role of First Citizen of Laois

Almost 100-year-old record smashed by Fine Gael councillor’s election

Borris-In-Ossory man now youngest ever Chairperson of Laois County Council

Today’s election of Fine Gael Councillor Conor Bergin to replace outgoing Laois County Council Cathaoirleach Catherine Fitzgerald tops off a ‘meteoric rise’ in the last two years according to Laois County Council Chief Executive John Mulholland. The young Borris-In-Ossory man was proposed for the top role in Laois County Council by Councillor Mary Sweeney and seconded by Councillor Thomasina Connell. Mr. Bergin easily defeated his opponent Independent Councillor Ben Brennan by fourteen votes to five.

On ascending to the top role in Laois County Council Cathaoirleach Bergin had this to say:

“Laois is a county I am proud to call home. In the last twelve months I have seen the importance of a strong rural community. (One of the positives of the pandemic ) is that remote working has become part of our lives. Laois people in their twenties and thirties can now work at home. There is a bright future for young people in Laois. Nobody should be held back back because of where there live. I want to thank my parents and brother for their support.”

His defeated opponent Ben Brennan was very gracious.

“I want to welcome you to the job. I am behind you 100%.”

Cllr. John Joe Fennelly stated that Cathaoirleach Bergin had a great vision for the county. Cllr. Seamus McDonald said he looked forward to working with First Citizen Bergin both locally and countywide. Cllr. Paddy Bracken wished Cathaoirleach Bergin the best off luck in the role and opined that he was well fit to carry out the role. Cllr. Noel Tuohy said that Mr. Bergin was very capable. Outgoing Cathaoirleach Cllr. Catherine Fitzgerald congratulated him as well.

Independent Councillor James Kelly referenced his uncle who was Cathaoirleach back in the 1970’s who was adamant that the incoming Cathaoirleach was to make sure he got the Court House refurbishment of Borris-In-Ossory’s Court House over the line. Councillor Paschal McEvoy said he looked forward to working with the youngest councillor in the chamber in his new role.

Cllr. Padraig Fleming wished the Borris-In-Ossory native well in his new position. Councillor Ollie Clooney said it was a brilliant day for the young man. Councillor John King wished the new Cathaoirleach and his family well while Councillor Aisling Moran said it was a great day for both him and his family. Cllr. Moran went on to say Mr. Bergin was both bright and fair.

Cllr. Willie Aird had this to say:

“It is the highest honour in our county. You’ll hugely enjoy the twelve months (in the role). It is a great thing to see a person so young get this role. You are well capable to do this job.”

Incoming Cathaoirleach of Laois County Council Councillor Conor Bergin with outgoing Cathaoirleach Councillor Catherine Fitzgerald

Cllr. Thomasina Connell said she was delighted to second your nomination. She went on to say the following:

“I am confident you will carry out your duties in an excellent manner.”

Chief Executive of Laois County Council John Mulholland said the following:

“I met you first in Camross in May 2019. I hadn’t heard of you before then. It has been a meteoric rise (for you). (Your ascension to this role) is a great tribute to our system and also a tribute to you and your family.”