Latest Laois Event: Virtual Reality Opera to astound Dunamaise Arts Centre patrons

Latest Laois Event: Virtual Reality Opera to astound Dunamaise Arts Centre patrons

Experience Opera like never before… with a new Virtual Reality Event at Dunamaise Arts Centre

Experience the world’s first virtual reality community opera with Irish National Opera presenting OUT OF THE ORDINARY (AS AN NGÁCH) at Dunamaise Arts Centre on Saturday 10th February, running hourly from 11am to 5pm.

Written by composer Finola Merivale and librettist Jody O’Neill working with director Jo Mangan and students from rural Ireland and communities from Inis Meáin, Tallaght and South Dublin. This will be a world of opera you can carry around on your head!

When people think of VR, they often think of computer games, but VR can be for everyone! And it could be a huge part of how we enjoy the Arts in the near future, as technology and innovation in this area explodes. The Virtual Reality Opera is an immersive experience where you put on a headset that places you inside the virtual world of the opera, rather than viewing the opera on a screen or stage in front of you. It puts you at the centre of a 360-degree sensory experience.

The VR opera does not try to recreate the world around us but will bring you to an imagined, animated world, creating a truly unique experience where you will have the ability to move around and interact with the environment. This VR Opera is re-imagining and exploring what opera can be for a digital age.

Out of the Ordinary (As an nGnách) is a bi-lingual Opera in Irish and English (with subtitles throughout). Viewers can explore the virtual world – within the confines of a small viewer island they will stand on. It tells the story of a community forced to flee their barren homeland, which, due to their own actions, can no longer sustain them. Nalva, the main character, builds a boat to take her people on an epic journey to find a new home. But Daol, a powerful force of nature, churns up the seas and causes a huge storm, plunging the boat underwater. When Nalva and her people eventually resurface, they find themselves at a new and unfamiliar land. Why not climb aboard?

The virtual reality headsets will obscure the outside world, and the opera will be shown to small groups in a controlled environment upstairs at Dunamaise Arts Centre. The opera is open to people aged 14 and upwards (With some user considerations). A trained facilitator will be in the room to ensure participants safety while they explore their Virtual Experience. Tickets are €10 per person. Spaces are limited so interested folk are encouraged to book early on

As Dunamaise approaches it’s 25th Birthday next May – Reaching this milestone has the tiny team there ambitious to reach new heights of Arts and Entertainment too; new experiences, cutting edge creativity and enjoyable arts based moments for the people of Laois and beyond. 

Booking link here. Information on events and queries to or by phone to 057 87 63355