Latest Laois Event: Pride Event for Laois Travellers

Latest Laois Event: Pride Event for Laois Travellers

Laois Traveller Pride Event

Laois Traveller Action Group (LTAG) today announced that in celebration of ‘Traveller Pride Week’, there will be a ‘Traveller Pride’ event on in Portarlington at the Community Hub (R32R660) from 1-4.00pm on Wednesday 12th July 2023.   

All members of the Laois community are welcome to come and see the Travelling Community celebrate ‘Traveller Change Makers in Laois’ Events on throughout the day include: 

  • Photo display of the Travelling Community throughout generations 
  • Display of Traveller Change Makers 
  • Display of old campfire and tents used in the travelling community 
  • Music by Young Travellers and Laois Music Generation 

Annette Long, Project Manager at LTAG said: ‘Traveller Pride week is about coming together and acknowledging and embracing Traveller heritage with pride, exploring our natural creativity to connect with one another, and sharing our cultural experiences through the joy that creativity brings.  We will celebrate ‘Traveller Change Makers in Co. Laois’. We look forward to welcoming all members of the Laois Community to our event this Wednesday,’ said Ms Long.   

Come and Join Laois Traveller Action Group on Wednesday 12th July from 1.00pm until 3.00pm at the Community Hub, Ballymorris Road, Portlarlington, (R32R660) for a celebration of culture, music and traditions. This event is open to all members of the community.