Latest Laois Event: Mountrath Community School goes Continental

Latest Laois Event: Mountrath Community School goes Continental

Recent Berlin and Paris trips for MCS Students

Berlin trip for LC German Students

Mountrath Community School’s sixth-year German students recently embarked on a transformative trip to Berlin, packed with cultural immersion and language enrichment. From Wednesday night to Sunday evening, the students, under the guidance of dedicated teachers, explored the city’s historical, cultural, and culinary treasures, fostering a profound appreciation for language learning.

The trip included iconic landmarks such as The Brandenburg Gate and The German History Museum, offering students a tangible connection to history. The group delved into Berlin’s resilience with a visit to The Berlin Underground Bunkers, while the festive Christmas Markets provided a spirited backdrop for sampling German delicacies.

At the Christmas Markets students had the chance to reunite with last year’s language assistant, Lea Raab, adding a personal touch to the cultural exchange. The Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Olympic Stadium, and Madame Tussauds added diverse dimensions to the students’ experience.

Commending the students for their exemplary behaviour and active engagement with the German language, Mountrath Community School expressed pride in their representation of the school. A heartfelt thank you was extended to the dedicated teachers who gave up their time to plan and organise the trip, showcasing their commitment to providing enriching experiences.

This trip stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to providing enriching experiences beyond the classroom. Mountrath Community School continues to showcase that learning a language is not just an academic pursuit but a doorway to adventure, understanding, and global connections.

December in Paris for Mountrath CS LC Students

In a whirlwind adventure that combined education with the spirit of the Christmas season, 25 Leaving Cert students and two teachers from Mountrath Community School recently embarked on a memorable trip to the enchanting city of Paris.

The expedition, which took place over three days in December, was packed with cultural exploration, festive cheer, and iconic sightseeing. The group kicked off their adventure with a visit to the Christmas markets nestled within the picturesque Jardin de Tuileries, where the students immersed themselves in the festive ambiance, sampling local delicacies and shopping for unique holiday treasures.

Day one continued with a guided tour of the City of Lights, showcasing Paris’s famous landmarks. The students marvelled at the timeless beauty of the Louvre, admired the architecture of Notre-Dame Cathedral, and even saw all the high-end clothing and jewellery shops Paris has to offer. The highlight of the day was a tranquil cruise down the Seine on the renowned Bateaux Mouche, offering a unique perspective of Paris illuminated under the evening sky. The day concluded with a quick stop to marvel at the iconic Eiffel Tower, its sparkling lights providing a perfect finale to an awe-inspiring day.

For day two, the group experienced the magic of Disneyland Paris, where they revelled in the enchanting atmosphere, rode thrilling attractions, and met beloved Disney characters. The students enjoyed a day filled with excitement, creating lasting memories that will undoubtedly stay with them for years to come.

The final day of the adventure brought a touch of history and grandeur as the group visited the majestic Château de Versailles. The students were transported back in time as they explored the opulent halls and manicured gardens of the palace, gaining insights into the rich history of France’s royal past. Before bidding adieu to Paris, the group took a leisurely stroll through the city’s charming shops, indulging in a bit of last-minute souvenir shopping.

Ms. O’Shea, one of the accompanying teachers, shared her thoughts on the trip, stating, “This was an incredible opportunity for our Leaving Cert students to not only experience the cultural and historical wonders of Paris but also to create lasting bonds with their classmates. The mix of educational exploration and festive celebrations made this trip truly special.”