Latest Laois Event: Latest Rath NS charity calendar launched

Latest Laois Event: Latest Rath NS charity calendar launched

Main Rath NS Calendar sponsor gets ‘quizzing’ by pupils

Schoolchildren at Rath NS Ballybrittas in Co. Laois turned the tables on a former pupil, deciding if they’d put him on the ‘nice or naughty list’ by picking his brains to celebrate the launch of their annual charity calendar!
There was a great atmosphere at the school when Sean Hall, CEO of Manguard Plus who is originally from Ballybrittas and who has sponsored the school’s charity calendar for the past three years popped in for a visit.

Some Rath NS pupils using the school’s climbing wall

Amidst much excitement, the pupils, all members of the School Council, revelled in quizzing Sean about his memories of Rath NS, his favourite subjects, teachers and memories and if he was very ‘brainy’.
The biggest laugh came however when one of the pupils asked him what is his net worth!
The affable security boss, who has grown Manguard Plus to become Ireland’s largest privately owned Irish security company, responded in good spirit and there was much banter and fun as he recalled some of his favourite memories from his time as a pupil at Rath NS.

He said that Miss Dunne was his favourite teacher, he liked Mr Hickey also, Maths was his favourite subject, Irish his least and he smiled wryly in relation to his personal worth, saying it changes from day to day “depending on how much my kids ask me for”!
He said he was ‘decent’ enough at school and on being asked to share some business tips said that nothing can compare to hard work, staying honest ,treating people well and impressed on the kids the importance of remembering to stay humble.

Sean Hall, CEO of Manguard Plus with Rath NS Principal Tommy Fitzgerald with a photo showing Sean in his Rath NS class

“You can go up the ladder, but you can also come down, never forget that”.
On his company’s sponsorship of the annual Charity Calendar he said
Once again we are delighted to support this charity calendar”. “I believe in giving back”.
“This is my first time back at Rath NS since I left at ten years of age and that wasn’t today or yesterday! I have fabulous memories of this school, for a small country school, it leaves a big imprint. Ballybrittas remains a big part of my life, I’m still a member of several clubs here.”

“School sets down so many foundations for young people and I passionately believe that giving kids the best possible educational advantages sets them up for life, it is crucially important. I have great admiration for schools who do all they can to provide their pupils with the best start in life, educationally and personally. They are constantly looking out for opportunities that will enrich the school and provide a full educational advantage and putting this lovely calendar together is yet another example of the real effort that is synonymous with Rath NS”.

Sean then had a few questions of his own for the kids, asking them about their hopes for the future. He said it is a great sign once again of Rath NS that so many of the pupils expressed a desire to become teachers. He invoked them to play sport saying he is a passionate advocate for the positive role sport plays in the lives of young people.

Sean Hall, CEO of Manguard Plus with Rath NS Principal Tommy Fitzgerald and some Rath NS pupils proudly displaying their latest calendar.

The Rath NS Annual calendar is the result of much hard work by the school, spearheaded by a dedicated committee, who were determined to find a sponsor to ensure all monies raised would go directly towards a traverse climbing wall.

Tommy Fitzgerald, Principal of Rath NS says ‘On behalf of our entire school community, I wish to sincerely thank Sean Hall, and everyone associated with Manguard Plus for its generous sponsorship. He has remained loyal to us and this speaks volumes. We are extremely grateful.

Copies of the calendar are on sale in Village Coffee, Donoher’s Service Station, Iosa Linn Playschool and Early Scholars Crèche, all in Ballybrittas, and directly from the  school.
One calendar for €10 and two calendars for €18.