Latest Laois Event: International Nurses Day marked at Portlaoise Hospital

Latest Laois Event: International Nurses Day marked at Portlaoise Hospital

Portlaoise Hospital marks International Nurses Day 2023

Today, (Friday, 12th May), the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise marks International Nurses Day 2023 (#IND2023), the theme of which is Our Nurses Our Future #IND2023 which aims to highlight the contribution of nurses to the healthcare sector and shine the light on nurses and on a brighter future.

In Portlaoise Hospital the day is being marked with a range of presentations and poster displays highlighting examples of good practice, and shared innovative ways of addressing and combatting the challenges faced by nurses – including some developments highlighted by;

Ally Russell, Paediatric Respiratory CNS who has shared her success in getting a bursary for the Paediatric Respiratory Team who will facilitate Asthma Camps as a group education intervention to help children and their caregivers manage their asthma.

Joan Dembo, RANP Minor Injuries who was talking about the work of the team in Portlaoise Hospital on a collaborative virtual trauma assessment clinic with Tullamore Hospital which is greatly improving the care pathway for patients with fractures providing a seamless and integrated service reducing time spent by patients in clinics and providing a very high overall patient satisfaction.

Nurses in Portlaoise Hospital inspiring the next generation as they mark International Day of the Nurse – Our Nurse, Our future
Pictured is Mum Lisa Egan, Paediatric Respiratory ANP with her daughter Rosie (aged 2) at Portlaoise Hospital today – L-R representatives of the nursing team Tracy Kelly, Ally Russell, Monica O’Callaghan, Ashleigh Harte and student nurse Gemma Delaney Hyland. 

Nurses are at the forefront of healthcare in Ireland. They influence and lead on the design and delivery of safe, quality focused care that encompasses compassion and commitment. The nursing profession is transforming, with many advances in career opportunities, supportive innovations and digital enabled healthcare.

Student Nurse, Gemma Delaney Hyland spoke at the event and shared her journey from multi-task attendant to student nurse she said, I have worked in each and every department in the Hospital since 2006. In 2019 I decided to further my career and apply through the CAO as a mature student for a place on the general nursing programme. I am now in year 4 and starting the second part of my internship this week on the medical ward and I hope to graduate with my class in November.  “I really enjoy learning as a student nurse in Portlaoise Hospital. I have direct patient contact every day and I am looking forward to embracing the new and improved patient care competencies and exploring further nursing career opportunities. I am so thankful to the support of all in Portlaoise Hospital. My future is certainly bright.”

John Joyce, General Manager Portlaoise Hospital acknowledges “the professionalism and ongoing contribution from nurses and student nurses to the delivery of healthcare in Ireland and specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic has to be commended. International Day of the Nurse  gives us a great opportunity to recognise the collective and individual impact nurses have on our services. Thank you for your compassion, dedication and unwavering commitment to your Patients. I will strive to support you to prioritise investment in nursing education, research and leadership and foster an environment that empowers nurses to be change-makers, advocates and leaders in their respective fields.”

Cora Flynn, Group Nursing and Midwifery Information Officer for the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group thanked the nurses in Portlaoise Hospital and said, “Healthcare is a team sport and together we can achieve more. Nurses are at the forefront of healthcare delivery and we have a huge opportunity to work with you to really transform our health services for our patients. The Hospital Group wants to support you every step of the way and to say thank you to each and every one of you.”

Tracy Kelly, Ally Russell, Fiona Moore, Lisa Egan with her daughter Rosie, Olivia Laverty, Director of Nursing, Monica O’Callaghan, Ashleigh Harte and student nurse Gemma Delaney Hyland and Joe Dunne.   

Olivia Laverty, Director of Nursing at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise said, “I am truly privileged to stand here today as your Director of Nursing on my first International Day of the Nurse. I am so proud of the work that is happening in Portlaoise to improve patient care and pathways and in ensuring high quality patient care and patient satisfaction. The nursing profession is a demanding but fulfilling career. There are very exciting aspects of nursing in the career pathways available for consideration in terms of clinical, management, education and research. We are building for the future and nurses play a pivotal role in how we design and delivery patient care. It has never been more important to highlight what our magnificent profession has achieved, not only during the pandemic but also on a daily basis in making a difference in people’s lives.”