Latest Laois Event: Community Creativity celebrated at Scarecrow Festival

Latest Laois Event: Community Creativity celebrated at Scarecrow Festival


The enchanting village of Durrow has been buzzing with excitement as the 12th Durrow Scarecrow Festival, which commenced on July 30th, continues to captivate visitors with its array of artistic displays, family fun, and warm community spirit. As the event reaches its final weekend, the festival committee expresses their heartfelt appreciation to all who have contributed to making this year’s celebration a resounding success, despite the best efforts of the weather to put a damper on things!

The Durrow Scarecrow Festival is a labor of love, made possible by the dedicated committee members who have worked tirelessly to bring this exceptional event to life. Their passion and commitment have resulted in a week-long extravaganza that will stretch to nine full days, filled with fun,  joy and creativity.

Throughout the festival, the Scarecrow Village has been the heart of the event, transformed into a wonderland of hessian, hay, and happiness. From intricate scarecrow displays to live music, workshops, demonstrations, trade stalls, and more, the village has been a hive of activity for families and friends to enjoy.

Scarecrow Festival Update

The highlight of the festival, as always, has been the All Ireland Scarecrow Championship, where participants showcased their imaginative creations in various categories. The quest to be crowned the All Ireland Scarecrow Champion was fiercely contested, with winners to be announced on this coming Sunday, at 5pm in the Scarecrow Village. This year, the addition of the Sustainability/Waste Reduction/Climate Action category reflects the festival’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly initiatives, and of course, scarecrow creations.

As the festival enters its final weekend, we extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us for the remaining festivities until Bank Holiday Monday, August 7th. The excitement continues with everything from live music performances, including the Des Hopkins Dixieland Jazz Band, Drops Of Green and Brinda Irani, to events and entertainment such as Wobbly Circus, Food & Craft Fair, kayaking, Jeca The Clown and so much more ! 

Join us on Monday 7th August as Senator David Norris unveils a plaque to commemorate 5th century  St. Benedict of Durrow, who legend tells, became Pope and Bishop of Rome, for a period of two days, before a yearning for the Emerald Isle would compel him to relinquish his papacy,

The success of the Durrow Scarecrow Festival would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors and the local community. The festival is not just a celebration of creativity but also a fundraising initiative to support local causes and projects, and all funds raised are reinvested in community projects.  We are grateful for the overwhelming support from businesses, volunteers, and visitors, who have contributed to making this event a thriving and charitable endeavor.

The Durrow Scarecrow Festival committee would like to extend their gratitude to everyone involved, from volunteers to visitors, for making this festival a cherished tradition. As the final weekend approaches, we invite all to our village, to experience the magic and camaraderie that embodies the spirit of Durrow Scarecrow Festival.

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ūüĆąūü§© Join us for a memorable finale as we celebrate the creativity and community spirit of Durrow Scarecrow Festival. See you there! ūüéČūüĆě

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