Latest Laois Business: Click at Home this Christmas with ShopNearBuy and buy local

Latest Laois Business: Click at Home this Christmas with ShopNearBuy and buy local

Click closer to home this Christmas and support local businesses

The essence of Christmas is encapsulated in the warmth of a familiar embrace, the comfort of our abodes, and the spirit of giving that fills the air. It’s a season that speaks to the heart’s longing for home. At ShopNearBuy, we believe in cherishing and nurturing this sentiment by fostering a community that supports our own – the dedicated local producers and retailers whose craftsmanship and dedication are the backbone of our Irish economy.

In a world where a click can bring the global market to our doorsteps, it’s sobering to acknowledge that 60% of Irish online shopping is currently invested in imported goods. This year, ShopNearBuy invites you to redirect that click closer to home. Celebrate Christmas 2023 by choosing gifts that don’t just travel miles to reach you but are the result of miles of dedication and passion from our local artisans.

When you navigate to  , you’re not just opening a webpage; you’re opening the door to a community. You’re choosing to walk through a virtual marketplace of local products curated for your Christmas gifting. From the succulence of award-winning foods that tell tales of our rich culinary heritage to the creative spark found in original prints, our listings are a testament to Irish excellence.

Indulge in the joys of giving with a selection of gifts that cater to every taste and necessity:

Award-Winning Food: Taste the authenticity of Ireland in every bite.

Educational Kids’ Toys: Gift the future with tools for learning and growth.

Hampers: Customised bundles of joy brimming with local delights.

Wine Selections: Toast to the holidays with the finest vineyards have to offer.

Vegan Products: Conscientiously crafted goods for the eco-aware.

Original Prints: Art that captures the Irish soul, ready to adorn any wall.

Fashion: Weave the fabric of Ireland into your wardrobe with local designer pieces.

Personal Care: Pamper yourself and your loved ones with nature-inspired, locally-made products.

Gluten-Free Products: Savour without compromise, with the best of Irish gluten-free fare.

Each purchase at ShopNearBuy isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in our local retailers and producers. It’s a choice to uplift local enterprises and a commitment to sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping.

This Christmas, let’s make a collective promise to bring them home. Not just our loved ones, but the fruits of Irish labour and craftsmanship. As you gather under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree, let each gift from ShopNearBuy remind you of the community you supported – a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Visit and let’s bring them home for Christmas – one local treasure at a time.