Latest from Portarlington Speakers

Latest from Portarlington Speakers

Portarlington Speakers
Long summer childhood days on the bogs of Donegal saving the turf recounted by Noreen Diver brought floods of memories to many members. The picture painted was so vivid we were all there with our dirty hands and aching backs.

Damian Oliver’s account of a post office robbery had everyone on the edges of their seats. Did the poor postmistress survive? A long pause when she couldn’t be found among the broken glass and smashed fittings. Then she walked in the front door not a hair out of place having escaped through the rear fire escape and then walked round. What a relief!

Owen Sweeney’s topical table topics gave everyone a chance for impromptu speaking with on Barrack Obama’s legacy, the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and an interesting mix of other subjects.

The next meeting at 7.45pm on Tuesday February 3 promises to be a very interesting meeting with three speakers lined up. Guests are always welcome. Admission is free for the first two meetings. Look us up on Facebook here, MeetUp or on our website here.