Laois Writers’ Corner

Laois Writers’ Corner

The two of us!

By Noel O’ Rourke

A look, a smile is all it took,
twas then we knew this was our luck!
The shy hello! Soft and mellow,
the gentle first touch like from a book.
Our excited voices entangled in panic,
uttering the words, let us meet again
the two of us.

The planned first date and I being late
excited, trembling in such a state.
She greeted me with her sparkling smile
a hug, a kiss which took a while.
Lightly and proudly we went down town
foolishly playing, hugging, kissing,
holding hands, talking, walking
displaying ourselves for all to see,
happy together were the two of us.

We courted passionately, long and lovely,
time went quickly as our feelings sparked.
Our minds now clearly muddled, in love we were
and never to part we swore!
I knew then to make the start! The challenge,
the question, the panic, the in-laws,done deal!
As we bonded together in love everlasting
the two of us.

Our home we built with pride and joy,
hard working we were along the way,
shaping and providing for future events.
The months did pass, twas nine indeed!
New life appeared, a baby girl to be the first.
This event repeated three times in all,
a reminder that it is no longer the two of us!

Time moved on and life’s pattern repeated itself,
so our three!Just as we, out and about doing their thing.
The boyfriends came with the same intent,
the challenge, the question, the in-laws,
oh! Yes that being us!
Grandchildren came plenty and healthy
and we embrace it all with joyful hearts the two of us.

Just as we began, and to this day, we walk the town
laughing, foolishly playing,chatting about,
now somewhat slower than in our youth.
Yet we sit together holding hands,no longer planning!
Just pondering, reflecting on life’s events
simply enjoying our time together the two of us.