Laois Writers’ Corner

Laois Writers’ Corner

Kilminchy Lake

As I gaze upon these calm waters, with thankful thoughts
I admire this treasure which we here all share, a man-made
Lake that is our pride and joy.
Swans, ducks, water-hens and many more wildlife creatures
are but a few of the beautiful features around Kilminchy Lake.

Wide awake! Early morning sees the first of many people
walking their dogs greeted by the chattering of ducks and swans
begging for breakfast. Children chatting, hurrying to school as
they make their way along Kilminchy Lake.

‘Kilminchy Lake’ by
Noel O’Rourke

Carried on throughout the day, visitors come from far and near,
some take photos, some write and paint, some to chat and stroll,
or simply sit in their cars to gaze and let the world go by.
Many people just sit on the grass enjoying the peace and beauty
that is to be found all around Kilminchy Lake.

As winter loses its power and nature begins to wake, the spring
is finding its way and our wildlife creatures become more agile,
performing their age old ritual of mating, building nests and
reproduction, revitalizing nature to a busy environment
along the banks of Kilminchy Lake.

Nature’s gifts provide great new energy expressed with new life,
Cygnets, ducklings, new life of all kinds.
As we perceive these wonders which provides a joyful attraction
for young and old.
As we evolve from year to year, I find that there are many stories
that remain to be told around the shores of Kilminchy Lake.

Noel O’Rourke