Laois Writers’ Corner

Laois Writers’ Corner

The Sea and Me!

The sea and me and what I see?
Sea water splashing back and forth, overruling with natures music, unwanted thoughts.
Rippling sand, ever changing with mighty waves,
presided over by wind and seagull cries.

Treading the sea shore with harmonic strides, perceiving my surroundings,
scanning the horizon for tall ship, small ships, ships of any kind.
Bobbing heads of seals and gannets, orange floats marking fishermen’s nets.

Fellow walkers, a kind hello! Dogs splashing in the water.
Young children laughing! Running back and forth attempting to escape the incoming sea.
Jet traces in the sky, sea birds chatting, scampering all around, a fluster of events,
but somehow a peaceful atmosphere as I gaze and ponder!!
as all is at peace with the sea and me.

By Noel O’ Rourke