Laois Weekend Weather

Laois Weekend Weather

Saturday, 7 September, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland

Courtesy of Irish Weather Online

TRENDS for the week of 7 to 13 September 2019

— Temperatures will average about 0.5 to 1.5 deg above normal.
— Rainfall will average 25 to 50 per cent of normal, somewhat heavier in northwest than elsewhere.
— Sunshine will average near normal to about 25 per cent above normal.


TODAY will be cloudy with a few sunny breaks developing mainly in the south and east. There could be some light drizzly rain for brief intervals in parts of the north central counties. Otherwise most places should remain dry. Highs 17 to 19 C.

How is weather shaping up?

TONIGHT will feature some clearing skies in the south and east, rather cool there with lows 5 to 10 C. Remaining more overcast in north and west, lows 8 to 12 C.

SUNDAY will have some bright intervals in the east during the morning, then increasing cloud from the more persistent overcast further west, where rain may develop by afternoon, although amounts rather light. Highs 18 to 20 C.

MONDAY will have a few showers then turning cooler and fresher with northwest winds 40 to 60 km/hr, lows near 10 C and highs 15 to 17 C.

What has the weather got in store?

TUESDAY will be breezy with showers or intervals of light rain, southwest winds 50 to 70 km/hr, and highs near 18 C.

WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy with highs near 18 C.

THURSDAY will be windy with rain at times, mostly in western counties, and highs near 18 C.

Following that, higher pressure will build in and there should be an extended dry spell with highs around 20 C, chilly nights with some local dense fog patches, but warmer still towards the middle to end of the following week.

Hopefully winter is still a long way off. Photo Credit: @irishjoe Joe O’ Connor

My local weather on Friday was overcast with light rain at times, and some fog and mist, highs near 19 C. Hurricane Dorian will be moving through Nova Scotia later today on its way northeast towards southern Greenland. Some minor damage is expected with cat-1 hurricane conditions in parts of eastern Nova Scotia by evening. Heavy rain will be more widespread. It’s the outer edges of this storm circulation that may brush parts of Ireland on Tuesday, followed by remnants of Gabrielle which is expected to become a hurricane by Monday in the central Atlantic. Although a weaker storm than Dorian, Gabrielle’s remnants will come considerably closer to Ireland around Thursday and that could produce stronger wind gusts than the first event.

— Peter for IWO