Laois Weather Update

Laois Weather Update

Laois Weather Update
The storm depression which has been forecast for some time now has finally made its way across the country bringing with it some very intense wind speeds. Last nights gust of 146 kph has been the highest gust so far which was recorded at Shannon airport. Through this morning winds will actually increase across the Midland region with the strongest winds likely between 09:00 this morning and 18:00 this evening. All areas will be at risk of seeing some damaging wind gusts but it will be northern and western areas which see the very highest gusts.

Laois weather on this Bank Holiday Weekend

This week’s weather in Laois continues to be cold and stormy.

The weather for today itself will be very mixed with a band of particularly heavy and indeed thundery showers set to feed its way in from the Atlantic over the next few hours. These showers showers will be squally in nature and will lead to increased wind gusts where they do occur. The showers may also be thundery in nature, with some of these showers turning wintry later this evening and overnight as temperatures drop. Highest temperatures today will be on the cool side and will range between about 4 and 6 degrees Celsius.

There is also the risk of some dangerous driving conditions overnight due to frost and ice on the roads. Temperatures overnight are expected to dip as low as -2 in some sheltered areas of the Midlands but will be close to freezing in all areas. There has been a vast number power outages recorded across the country over the past 16 hours and the number is likely to increase before conditions eventually improve later this evening and overnight.

Later on this afternoon once the worst of the storm has cleared I will provide my thoughts on a period of particularly wintry weather headed our way over the weekend and into next week. All areas are at risk of seeing some heavy snowfall. At present I will use the word RISK as nothing is set in stone just yet. I will provide the details of this wintry period later this afternoon. Take care wherever you are across the Midlands today and stay indoors as often as possible. Kindest regards as always. Cathal. Click here for Cathal’s Midland Weather Channel.