Laois Weather Update

Laois Weather Update

Laois People Forecasts courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel
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We will notice a distinct change in our weather through the coming week, with relatively mild conditions so far being replaced by very cold weather with a risk of some wintry precipitation likely in parts of the country especially so across higher ground.
Today, Tuesday will be a relatively settled day, with pretty stable conditions across the country. Mostly cloudy, though some sunny spells may develops in parts of the country. Highs of between 9-12 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a brighter day across the country, with a fresher airmass in place as our winds switch around to a westerly direction. Sunny initially though heavy showers will spread from the northwest during the afternoon and evening, with the showers turning wintry in places. Highs of 5-8 degrees Celsius.
Wednesday night will be bitterly cold with a severe frost in areas sheltered from the strong northwesterly winds. Heavy wintry showers will affect many areas, though especially across Atlantic coastal areas of the northwest, west and southwest. Some falls of snow are likely, especially above 300 metres.

Thursday will be another bitterly cold day with heavy wintry showers in northern, western and southwestern areas, with further falls of snow above 350-400 metres, with mainly hail and sleep at lower levels. Dry and sunny for much of the midlands, east and south. Highs of 3-6 degrees Celsius.
Friday will again remain cold, with more in the way of cloud as an area of low pressure comes increasingly close to Ireland’s east coast, leading to more general outbreaks of showery rain or sleet, with snow likely above 450 metres. Highs of between 4-6 degrees Celsius.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

Mini Cold Snap coming as we head toward the weekend

Remaining cold and showery over the weekend, with sunny spells and further wintry showers. Highs of between 4-7 degrees Celsius with severe night frosts.
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