Laois Teens Connecting Together!

Laois Teens Connecting Together!

Nascadh Le Chéile

Heywood Community School’s Award-Winning Young Social Innovators project is powering forward.
Their project is called Nascadh Le Cheile”, meaning ‘Connect Together’. They want to encourage young people to get involved in their local communities and volunteering.
The Heywood CS youngsters have already won a National Young Social Innovator’s Award for “Making the World Better for Young People”.

Nascadh Le Chéile participating in Darkness into Light

The kids came up with the idea because these Laois students were all so passionate about so many different issues and they realised how much of an impact young people could make of they were given the opportunity to make a difference!


Although the Heywood students know so many young people give a lot of their time already they have also realised that there is still so much untapped potential in young people to positively influence the society that they live in today.


To change this, Heywood CS has introduced a Volunteer of the Year Award in recognition of student volunteers who give their time and display outstanding volunteer work, fundraising efforts and enthusiasm for their cause.

Winning their National Award


Through their research, these talented and committed teens have identified that social media and a website are the most attractive mediums to reach students. However, they have also noticed that there is a distinct lack of volunteering activities that are age-appropriate for secondary students (especially available or accessible online easily).


Through communicating with various charities, these pioneering kids are rectifying this by providing a dynamic range of activities for all students to begin volunteering in, from writing letter and signing a petition to bag-packing and sponsored walks. The Laois students were successful at the YSI Den in Dublin where they secured funding which went towards the development of their website  These fab teens have worked with the Irish Cancer Society, the Make a Wish Foundation, Amnesty International, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Pieta House and many more to help as many people as possible.

Nascadh Le Chéile winning the Youth Leadership Conference


Young Social Innovators has opened their eyes to the social issues that affect their community and exposed them to the reality that they, as young people, can make a positive difference through their united efforts. They are convinced that they have the power and ability to impact the world for the better. The Heywood students were delighted to win the National YSI Award for “Making Life Better for Young People” and they intend to continue to do so! These Laois teens would love to expand Nascadh Le Cheile to a nationwide level to give all young people the opportunity to get involved, lend a hand and make a difference. They are not only raising awareness of the hard work charities do but also the incredible things young people are capable of.