Laois Snowfall Warning

Laois Snowfall Warning

VALID FROM 20:00 2/2/15 UNTIL 15:00 3/2/15:

The latest weather charts and models continue to indicate the risk of some snowfall over a wide area of the Midlands during tonight and Tuesday morning. A small area of low pressure currently located between Iceland and the Outer Hebrides is expected to track Southwards during today before crossing the country tonight and tomorrow morning.An associated occluded weather front looks set to bring snowfall across many areas of the Midlands through tonight and tomorrow. Snowfall values have the potential to range between 3-5 cm widely, with some areas at risk of seeing up to 10 cm of snowfall (especially areas of high ground where 15 cm is possible). The variation in estimated snowfall values is due in large to the unknown strength of the area of low pressure by the time it reaches Ireland. There is the risk that the occluded front may become almost stationary across the Midlands for a good deal of tomorrow morning. If this were to happen then a heavier fall of snow would be possible quiet widely. There is also the risk that some southern areas of the Midlands may escape the snow altogether as the system may fizzle out by the time it reaches the south. The finer details of this system currently remain unknown.
Today Monday:
Today will be a bitterly cold day across the Midlands with temperatures struggling to reach above freezing in many areas. The day itself will be much more overcast than yesterday with high cloud likely in many areas. There will however be some sunnier breaks in Eastern and Southern areas of the region. Highest temperatures will struggle to reach between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius.Temperatures will drop away rapidly this evening with a sharp to severe frost likely in all areas. Take care on the roads this morning as ice may become an issue.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

To remain frigidly cold for rest of week!

During the night a band of persistent snow will spread Eastwards across the region with all areas at risk of seeing between 3 and 5 cm of snowfall. There is the potential for some areas to see between 8 and 10 cm of snowfall. Higher ground above about 250 metres may see up to 15 cm of snowfall. Lowest temperatures overnight will range between -2 and – 5 degrees Celsius. Take extreme caution on the roads across the Midlands tonight, especially where snow accumulates.
Tomorrow Tuesday:
Tomorrow will begin overcast in many areas of the Midlands with outbreaks of snow likely in central areas of the Midlands. Where these outbreaks of snow do occur an additional fall of 2 or 3 cm is possible. These outbreaks of snow will clear away to the South during the afternoon and sunny spells will develop in many areas of the region. Highest temperatures tomorrow will range between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius. Road conditions may remain treacherous throughout the day, especially where snow accumulates.

Laois weather on this Bank Holiday Weekend

Weather in Laois to be very cold and icy for next few days.

Rest of the Week: 
Current indications suggest that for the remainder of the week Ireland will remain under the influence of a strong area of high pressure with a central pressure reading of 1040 hpa. The days will be dry and bright in many areas with some very pleasant sunshine. There is the risk of a cloudier interval of weather during Thursday but no precipitation is expected. Day time highs will range between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius, with night time lows expected to dip as low as -6 or even -7 degrees Celsius. Take extreme caution on the roads during the coming week as ice and fog may become a serious issue.
Current indications suggest that this area of high pressure may well provide dry, bright and sunny conditions even in to the following week, with many areas likely to see dry conditions for at least two weeks after tomorrows snow.
I will continue to keep you updated on the snowfall risk during the day as the situation becomes more clear cut. Take care if you are on the roads this morning or at any stage during the coming week.
Kindest regards as always
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