Laois People Summer Section

Laois People Summer Section

Tips for safe Summer Driving

The good weather is wonderful for children but watch out for them especially in or near estates, near parks and beaches.

You need to clean your windscreens both inside and out to prevent any streaks from obstructing your view. You’ll also need to check if there is plenty of water in your washers.

Laois weather update

The ‘heat’ is on Irish roads this Summer.

By all means wear flip flops on  the beach but driving in them can be very dangerous. When driving you should always wear comfortable shoes that are certain not to slip off while you negotiate traffic.

You also need to make sure and travel with water and sun screen in case you breakdown or get stuck in traffic.

During hot spells we tend to bring everything and the kitchen sink with us in the car to the beach or park. That said we all need to  make sure everything is packed carefully away in the car and that none of it is obstructing your view.

The bright Summer sunshine will throw up a lot of glare from road surfaces and can be very hard on a driver’s eyes. For long distance driving this only serves to worsen the effects of fatigue. Take plenty of breaks if you’re on a long trip.

If you have prescription glasses try to ensure that your sunglasses match the prescription if at all possible. 

If travelling with a bike rack on top, try and make sure it is safely secured before you set off.

We don’t want to think about it but at some stage in Ireland the rain will come. If roads do get a soaking they are even more slippery than you would normally expect. After a warm dry spell dust, grime, oil and debris all build up on the roads and when you add a shower of rain then those road surfaces become lethal. In those conditions extreme care is needed.