Laois cold snap latest

Laois cold snap latest



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Friday Night into Saturday Morning could very well turn out to be the coldest of winter 2020/21, with a widespread severe frost likely and temperatures in some Midland areas dipping as low as -8 to -10 degrees Celsius in some frost hollows. This will lead to some very challenging driving conditions where roads remain untreated and where some snow melt occurs by day only to re-freeze at night.

The advice is clear. Do not venture out onto any frozen lakes, rivers or canals.

Extreme caution is also advised for those venturing onto frozen lakes or ponds. Ice is required to be 4 inches thick before being deemed safe to walk on and currently this thickness has not been reached in many areas. Ice thickness also varies across water bodies so please do refrain from walking on such surfaces unless you are absolutely sure of its thickness and the depth of the water beneath you.

Kindest regards, Cathal Nolan