Laois business makes lots of ‘SenseAbility’

Laois business makes lots of ‘SenseAbility’

The Importance of Sensory Stimulation


The prevalence of Dementia is unfortunately on the rise, but the positive is there are more people available to help than ever before.


SenseAbility is an innovative new company, that makes sensory blankets for people living with conditions such as Dementia, Autism and Down Syndrome. Set up by Ellen McWey, Arianna Mezzapelle and Ruth Bergin, it has attracted attention from Dragon’s Den star Alison Cowzer and many other influential figures. Since tactile stimulation is brain stimulation, these blankets have proven to be very beneficial.


Their blankets consist of various contrasting colours and textures to engage the user and stimulate their senses as well as zips and buttons to maintain and improve their motor skills. They are based on intensive scientific research and we have found that it helps to calm people, provide brain stimulation, help people with Dementia remember certain things and teach children with Autism and Down Syndrome to tie their shoelaces.



SenseAbility was set up to improve the lives of people living with a Dementia. We felt that there was a lack of effective sensory aids for people living with a sensory condition in the Irish market. This realisation drove us to take action. We all knew someone living with a sensory condition and we knew how difficult it can be, so it is a project that is very close to our hearts.


People with a sensory condition often fidget with their hands or experience sensory overloads so our blankets are designed to help soothe and calm when it becomes difficult. Our priority has always been to help people so if just one person benefits from our blankets we have had great success!

This product makes a lot of sense


Our fidget blankets provide tactile stimulation, engagement of the mind and hands, enjoyment and relaxation. On the blankets, there are a diversity of contrasting textures, fabrics, interesting colours and captivating features. Each of our blankets are one of a kind and personalised as we believe that each person is different so our blankets should be too. Conditions such as autism are spectrum disorders so it affects every individual differently. As we can tailor our blankets to their individual needs, our blankets have great benefits.


The feedback we have received on our blankets is incredible! We have received huge support from the Dementia Services Information and Development Centre in St. James and Dragon’s Den Star, Alison Cowzer. We set out to help people and that’s what we have done. One boy with Autism learnt to tie his own shoes after using one of our sensory blankets with shoelaces attached, while a woman with Alzheimer’s is less worried and her relatives say it helps calm her. If just one person benefits from our creativity, we have had tremendous success.


SenseAbility employ professional dressmakers to produce the blankets to the highest quality and safest standards. The blankets comply with infection control regulations in Hospitals and are machine washable.


If you would like to order a blanket, enquire about our product or give us your feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website here our email, our Twitter @SA_Blankets our Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat @SenseAbilityProducts or by calling Ellen on 085 2514212.