Latest Laois News: Kildare family band signed by Whitney Houston’s manager

Latest Laois News: Kildare family band signed by Whitney Houston’s manager

          A Co. Kildare Family band, who have been signed by Whitney Houston’s Manager, are determined to champion the earth with their impassioned plea for greater environmental care and awareness  through  a song that is destined for success.

          The MAHERS  made up of dad Dave, and his three daughters; Ruby, Stacy, and Robyn, have just released  a stunning debut single, LULLABY FOR THE WORLD, co-written by one of Ireland’s most well known songwriters, Brendan Graham, well known for the  worldwide super-hit You Raise Me Up as well as several Eurovision successes . 

       The song went to number  2 in the Irish download charts in the days after its release , something which gives huge heart to the musical family.  Literally a ‘lullaby’ for the world, the song is destined for success given the huge reaction it is receiving from hugely respected figures in the entertainment world.

Dave Maher said:

“It is amazing, it really is. To get the chance to work with the likes of Whitney Houston’s Manager, Rick Blaskey is absolutely fantastic. He knows what he’s talking about as he has worked with, shaped and guided the career of an artist who is arguably the best female vocalist ever. So having Rick in our corner, on top of having such a beautiful, thought-proving and relevant song is a dream for us”.

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The girls and myself see ‘Lullaby For The World’ as a song that is global and one which belongs to all of us. We feel honoured to be the ones who have the good fortune to record it”.

“We’re so exited about this song. The reaction from the people of Newbridge and the wider community in the county has been wonderful; there’s a real sense that the people of Co. Kildare want to rally round us and champion this beautiful thought-proving song”.

Dave and his three daughters; Ruby, Stacy, and Robyn, in action.

“It’s an anthem for the world; a better world, one that cherishes and protects our beautiful planet and its resources”.      

For his part Rick Blaskey is fulsome in his praise of The Mahers, predicting huge success for the group.

“I always approached launching Whitney as so much more than just launching a new record and I have the exact same felling with The Mahers.  I have always been  far more excited   to work with Artists  who I believe transcend  current genres and trends  and who I can see have the widest possible appeal to the biggest audiences. The Mahers have genuine likeability, a unique persona, story and sound and a global market to  embrace them”.

          Dad Dave, a multi-instrumentalist, features on guitar on the track which sees all four Mahers share vocal duties. But there’s no doubt that on Lullaby For The World, it’s 12 year old  Ruby’s star quality that is blindingly clear. Performing as Ruby M, she lit up the stage during her blind audition on ‘The Voice Kids UK’ last year, with the result that Will.I.Am picked her for his team. 

Stacy 19, Robyn 17 and 12 year old Ruby. Stacy lives in London and attends the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts which is the top school in the UK. Stacy had to beat a thousand other students to be accepted into the college.    EARTH DAY 2021 TAKES PLACE ON THURSDAY, APRIL 22ND
A happy Ruby Maher after successful blind audition on ‘The Voice Kids UK’

          For cometh the hour, and cometh the band. And this band of a dad and his daughters – with their lullaby for the world – are more than ready for this moment.