Independent Ireland to hold public Portlaoise meeting

Independent Ireland to hold public Portlaoise meeting

Independent Ireland to Hold Public Meeting in Portlaoise Parish Centre

Independent Ireland, the new political party dedicated to practical and sensible governance, is pleased to announce a public meeting on 11th July at 7:00 PM in the Portlaoise Parish Centre. This event is open to the public and provides an opportunity for citizens to learn about the party’s mission and vision.

Richard O’Donoghue TD, the General Secretary of Independent Ireland, will be addressing the meeting. The event will also feature discussions on the party’s core message: “the party of common sense, the clear choice for change,” emphasising the belief that Ireland must go “Forward together.”

Event Details:

  • Date: 11th July 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Venue: Portlaoise Parish Centre, Portlaoise, Ireland

Since its establishment, Independent Ireland has rapidly grown, now with 23 Councillors, 3 TD’s, and 1 MEP, Ciaran Mullooly. This growth reflects a rising support base that resonates with the party’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to governance.

Independent Ireland is committed to delivering practical solutions that make sense for everyday people said Richard O’Donoghue TD. “Our focus is on addressing the real issues that matter to Irish citizens, without the usual political rhetoric”.

The meeting will provide a platform for open dialogue, allowing the public to ask questions and express their concerns directly to party representatives. Attendees will gain insights into how Independent Ireland plans to implement policies that benefit all Irish citizens and ensure a more secure and prosperous future.