Help needed from people of Laois

Help needed from people of Laois

People of Laois, we need your help!

Laois Sports Partnership is looking for new ways to keep people healthy and active at home and we want you to share your ideas to keep Laois moving!

As a thank you, at the end of April, all of your idea’s will be entered in a free draw to win vouchers for Sports Equipment.  We have a €200 voucher to give the winning club/group and a €100 voucher to give the winning family!

Entering is easy: record a short clip of your activity and share it on your facebook page – make sure to tag Laois Sports Partnership @laoislsp.  Use the hashtags #Unitedinsport #BeActive.

Remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines which are here.  We will be sharing your clips on social media, so only post clips you are happy other people will see.  This is just for fun, so keep it safe and keep it simple!

Head of Laois Sports Partnership, Caroline Myers said Covid-19 is understandably causing a significant amount of worry, concern and anxiety because of the disruption to ordinary daily living and the lack of certainty of what the immediate future holds. The predictability of how we go about our daily living – from going to work, to maintaining home life, dealing with the children and young adults home from school and engaging in community life is compromised in the very interest of public health and personal well-being.  That’s why it is so important to remain physically active, positive and keep a daily routine which will get us through these difficult times.

Laois Sports Partnership will also be sharing other exercise videos and tips for young and old on social media and ask for your support to help spread positivity across the county by sharing your activities with us and to help keep Laois moving.

Laois Sports Partnership needs your input

Our partners in Mental Health Ireland have the following The Five Ways to Well-being which may help you, your friends and your family to look after your mental health and well-being and support resilience in these unprecedented times. These include:

1) Connect: it is important to stay connected and share concerns with family members and neighbours and friends. At times of stress we will always thrive and feel better when talking and chatting and keeping in touch. Also be aware there are a number of  free national help lines that can be contacted  that provide emotional support including the HSE  1800 341 900. Although there is a strict health warning and guidance about “social distance” adherence to which is essential, we can still be in touch with others through social media, texting, direct phone calls, what apps groups, indeed emailing. You’re not alone; talk to someone you trust. Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery.

2) Be Active: like never before it is important to keep our minds and body active and distract ourselves from the constant news reporting on Covid 19. This can be achieved by going for walks, consider some gardening, planting flowerpots, take out a board game. When out and about be mindful of social distance. Fresh air and green exercise are well known to provide physical and psychological health benefits.

3)Take Notice: very important to be aware and know what is happening around us and to keep in contact with best advice being issued by the HSE.  It can also be helpful for peace of mind to limit our engagement with the constant media flow. Switch off, tune into favourite music, tv programmes or local radio station. Unfortunately, crises like this trigger scaremongering and conspiracy theories, that help none of us and serve only to contribute uncertainty and anxiety. By informing yourself through trustworthy sources on the current outbreak can support you and your family to feel more in control and accepting of the situation on hand. Rumour and speculation are a very poor combination for wellbeing.

4) Keep Learning: keep yourself and your family active by learning a new skill, maybe taking up dance, running, walking, yoga, mindfulness, joining one of our online exercise sessions etc. Of course do not forget your free library “borrow box “ app and check out Laois Libraries services online.

5) Give: give yourself the space and time to look after yourself, this is not a selfish sentiment. This includes ensuring you maintain a healthy diet, build in exercise. As best you can, stick to your daily routine.  We can also watch out and try to reassure others that we know that maybe worried and look in on people where possible that are living alone. It is also important to have open and helpful conversation with younger family members who may through their own social media platforms be worried and concerned.

Finally remember and let it be your mantra TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More and the recent supportive words of our President Michael D Higgin “Take care and watch out for each other.” We all must adjust for the short term and be optimistic for the immediate future.