Has Laois business clicked?

Has Laois business clicked?

Has Laois business clicked? How many of our local businesses have a website? Better still how many have a site that takes online payments? The reality is that every single business out there needs one. And fast. The figures for Ireland’s digital economy are startling. “In 2011, 81% of households where at least one member was aged between 16 and 74, had a home computer and 78% had access to the internet.” (Source CSO)

Louise Phelan pictured here at the Laois Business Forum for Laois held at the Castle Arms Hotel, Durrow

Paypal’s Louise Phelan pictured here at the Laois Business Forum for Jobs has called for better broadband in Laois

Three years on and that figure will have grown. The advent of super-fast ‘4G’ Mobile networks countrywide will see more and more people buy goods and services through their phones. Your mobile site will need to be clickable. Essentially your goods or services should be visible and ‘buyable’ with just one click. That’s the new reality.

Undoubtedly it’s daunting for some of us but we all need to respond to it. The good news is that it has never been easier or cheaper to get a site online that adds to your business worth. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to claim some of those billions to be made by selling online.

We’ve practised what we’re preaching by getting our site online. It was a necessary step and one that has added to our value and offering enormously. Your turn now! However we haven’t forgotten that many of our readers and viewers are still struggling with substandard broadband both at home and in their businesses. Take our poll and let’s see how many people in Laois need better broadband ASAP. [yop_poll id=”5″]