Great Portlaoise Spring Clean

Great Portlaoise Spring Clean


Aiming for Portlaoise to be Ireland’s tidiest town. 

Portlaoise Tidy Towns committee are organising a spring litter clean-up of Portlaoise town and environs on Easter Saturday 26th March 2016.

This new  campaign will be called “Lets Tidy up The Town” and will involve getting everybody in Portlaoise out on Saturday morning (10.00am – 1.00pm) to clean up their estates, approach roads to “ The Town” and all roads within the town.

The object of this campaign is twofold, firstly it will be great to see “The Town” spotlessly clean and secondly it will encourage a greater community spirit among all the citizens of Portlaoise. We want to put “The Town” back on the map for all the right reasons. Our aim is to make Portlaoise the No. 1 Tidiest Town in Ireland. This is our mission, this can be done and it will be done with everyone’s help and co-operation. Everyone is welcome to get involved, young and old.

Let's make Portlaoise Ireland's tidiest town. Together we can do it!

Let’s make Portlaoise Ireland’s tidiest town. Together we can do it!

Portlaoise Tidy Towns are inviting all interested parties to contact them at 085 1582328  to register their interest and support.  Whether you are the chair of a residents association or a private individual who cares about their surrounding environment, you are very welcome to take part in this event.  The town will be divided into 4 zones and the zone leader will co-ordinate what everyone in that area should do on that Saturday morning.


Portlaoise Tidy Towns find that the housing estates are generally very good at cleaning their area, but appeal to people living on roads and non-estate style parts of the town, to create a group in your area, and get busy being responsible for your area.  Business owners are also good at cleaning outside their own business, but for this day, we are expecting for business owners to look a little further than their own front door.  Remember, if there are weeds outside your door, it is your responsibility to deal with them, and not the Co. Council’s.

Just remember, for all those children who are going to pick up a piece of paper that day, they might get to put that paper in the Easter Bunnies rubbish bag!!

If you have an idea or a plan for your area, please come to us for our support.

See you all on Easter Saturday Morning.  Further details will be posted here on closer to the day.