#GE20 South Kildare’s Hayden calls for better Disability supports

#GE20 South Kildare’s Hayden calls for better Disability supports

The Social Democrats candidate for Kildare South, Linda Hayden says that people with disabilities have always been an afterthought when it comes to previous Government’s policies.

According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), there are over 27,768 people with disabilities in Kildare and 11,393 in Laois.

“The Social Democrats are committed fixing a broken system where people with disabilities have to fight for every single thing.

#GE10 Focus on South Kildare

We have launched our disability policy today and we believe it could make a real and substantial difference to people’s lives in terms of access to education and employment. We are also proposing a minimum of 7% of all social housing to be allocated for people with disabilities”, says Linda.

In addition to providing equal opportunity for people with disabilities, the Social Democrats are also committed in giving carers a better quality of life.

“Family carers in particular need to be recognised for the phenomenal work they do. Family Carers Ireland tells us family carers provide €10 billion in unpaid care each year. These amazing and selfless people don’t get enough support from our Government and it often comes down to organisations such as Family Carers Ireland to provide such support.

We need to overhaul and modernise the

means testing and financial compensation to family carers of people with long term incapacitating disabilities, and review the option to provide Refundable Tax Credits and PRSI Pension rights to those with limited earnings capacity due to performance of their caring role”.

General Election Focus

Disability activist and Vice Chairperson of the Social Democrats, Evie Nevin says:

“People with disabilities are not looking for special treatment, we are looking for an equal playing field”.

Evie lives with a disability that only began affecting her mobility in her twenties.

“Disability does not discriminate and it can happen to anyone through accident or illness. So we need to make sure that all aspects of society are accessible. When we look after the most vulnerable in society, everybody benefits and that’s the truth”.

The Social Democrats main objectives are:

-to see key legislation enacted and commenced to promote and protect

the rights, quality of life and independence of people with disabilities.

-to put in place long range national support planning.

-to invest in far greater supports, to put the disability sector on a proper

financial footing.

-to have the UNCRPD protocol fully ratified in Ireland