Free Support to Laois businesses

Free Support to Laois businesses

Irish business coaches offer free support to SMEs amid coronavirus chaos

Irish business coaching experts are offering free online support to steer business owners through the economic chaos created by the spread of coronavirus.

ActionCOACH Ireland Managing Director Paul Fagan says his team launched the initiative in order “to get behind the national effort to minimise the impact of the economic fallout from this crisis”.

Free support and advice for local businesses in Laois

He explains: “SMEs create more than 70% of jobs in Ireland and it’s important that those jobs are protected. The people of Ireland are pulling together in solidarity and we want to do our bit by offering our knowledge and leadership skills to help business owners navigate the threats, explore the opportunities and prepare for the recovery. We are giving business owners access to our experienced coaches with sound advice and expert support.”

The ‘Direct Support From Business Coaches For Worried Business Owners’ web chat facility is now live at

In addition to this, ActionCOACH is hosting daily Crisis Aversion Webinars to share immediate steps to follow in the midst of the economic crisis.

Mr Fagan adds: “Business owners across the country are counting the cost of Covid-19 and the crisis will deepen. It will hit their livelihoods and those of their employees like a tsunami. The political conversation is currently centred on public health and rightly so, but SMEs are being left with so many unanswered questions as to how to handle the situation. Many will feel they do not know where to turn or know what steps to take in order to survive.

Free support and advice for local businesses in Laois

“After the 2008 global financial crisis, one of the biggest impacts was to wellbeing and mental health in communities – notably business owners, employees and their families. To help minimise a similar community impact from this crisis, we are taking this unusual move in the most unusual of circumstances to offer a free help service to SME business owners.

“The 2008 meltdown taught us that a key factor in many business closures was a failure to seek external help and advice. I would encourage business owners currently feeling the pressure to seek expert support. SMEs are the backbone of the Irish economy and must be safeguarded in this climate – that’s why we believe it’s important to do our bit to help while living up to our ActionCOACH mantra of helping real people to achieve real results.”