Farming Forecast

Farming Forecast

Farming Forecast courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel 





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Meteorological Overview
Conditions are expected to be very settled for the duration of the coming week as a dominate area of high pressure becomes established close to or at times over Ireland. This will keep Atlantic rain bearing systems at bay, allowing for above average temperatures, below normal rainfall and higher than normal sunshine totals.

Overall temperatures are expected to range between 2-5 degrees Celsius above average for the duration of the coming week, with a possibility of some hot weather developing through the second half of the week. Max temperatures between now and Tuesday will reach up to 20-22 degrees Celsius, with highs between Wednesday and Sunday reaching up to 26-27 degrees Celsius in some places.

Precipitation values will be well below average in all locations, with a significant percentage of the country experiencing a completely dry week. The highest rainfall totals are expected to reach between 2-5 mm in Atlantic coastal districts, with all other areas essentially remaining dry. This will have an impact on grass growth in many areas also.

Generally sunshine totals will range between 90% to 170% of the average values for the last week of May. The best of the sunshine will be found in central, southern and eastern areas, with the dullest conditions occurring along Atlantic coastal fringes during the start of the week. UV levels will be very high through the second half of the week with sun protection strongly recommended.

Soil Moisture Deficits
SMD levels are already very high across large areas of the midlands, east, southeast, mid west and north of the country, with the exception being found through south county Cork, where SMD values are between 8-20 mm in deficit. In parts of the east SMD values are expected to increase to 75 or 80 mm by the end of the coming week, with most other areas seeing their values increase to between 50-65 mm. Grass and crop growth will remain restricted in many areas, despite the recent precipitation.

Hay & Silage
There will be plenty of opportunities to cut for Silage and even Hay during the coming week, with the best time to cut for Hay likely to be late tomorrow afternoon (May 25th) or Tuesday, with dry and mostly sunny conditions expected between then and Saturday/Sunday. Drying conditions will be good, despite the lack of any breezes apart from sea breezes close to coastal areas.

Weather to really improve next week

Blight Conditions
There is a risk of blight conditions developing in Atlantic coastal districts and at times along the southern coastal areas this coming week, especially so during the start of the week when conditions will be a little more humid.

If you’d like any further details on conditions in your locality or for your specific farming activities then please feel free to message the page, email me at or call me directly on 0879723300.

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