Farming Forecast

Farming Forecast

Farming Forecast courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel





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The present farming conditions across many parts of the country are rather difficult, with severe drought conditions affecting a large part of Leinster, North Munster, South Ulster and East Connacht. During the coming week there will be marginal improvements in some areas, though this improvements will be scattered and isolated rather than widespread.

Precipitation will vary over the coming week, with projections indicating that the heaviest rainfall will occur along the east and southeast coasts, where up to 15 mm of rain is possible. This is as a result of the likelihood of thunderstorm activity, which will develop from Thursday/Friday onward. Between now and Thursday there will be some small accumulations of rain in the northwest on Tuesday morning, and along the east and northeast coasts on Wednesday. Parts of the Midlands, West Munster and Connacht will see well below average rainfall, with values of no more than 5-7 mm in these locations.

Over the course of the coming week temperatures look set to gradually increase. Initially temperatures will be around average for the time of year, with values between 17-19 degrees Celsius from Monday-Wednesday. From Thursday t Sunday temperatures will increase as a much warmer continental air mass becomes established. Temperatures by then will increase to between 20-24 degrees Celsius, possibly higher closer to the weekend. Soil temperatures will remain above average as they have been for a number of weeks now.

Overall we can estimate that sunshine totals across the country will generally range from average, to above average for the coming week. Western areas look set to enjoy the highest percentage of sunshine hours this week, with up to 140% of normal values in some areas. Meanwhile due to the risk of some thundery downpours in the east, and with low pressure nearby during Wednesday and Thursday, sunshine totals in the east will range between 100-110%. Following on from the sunniest spring on record in many parts of the country, 2020 is becoming one of the sunniest years on record.

Soil Moisture Deficits
Drought conditions have now been present for over a month in many parts of Leinster, South Ulster and North Munster, with drought conditions also developing in East Connacht. During the coming week its likely that drought conditions will intensify through the Midlands, East Connacht and South Ulster, while conditions will generally remain stable in East Leinster and South Munster due to a higher risk of precipitation. By the end of the forecast period, soil moisture deficits across a large swathe of the country will reach close to 80 mm, with that figure possibly as high as 90-100 mm in the greater Dublin area. Much will depend however on the development of thunderstorm activity later next week, with further updates on this risk being provided during the week.

Generally there will be some good opportunities to cut silage this coming week, especially so across the Midlands, Connacht, West Munster and Ulster. East Leinster and South Munster will have limited conditions for the cutting of hay and silage from Wednesday onward as a result of the risk of some thundery downpours developing in places. As previously mentioned there will be specific updates during the coming days on the expected risks arising from the likelihood of thundery downpours, some of which could be severe in nature.

If you have any further questions with regards to this forecast or regarding the extended outlook then please feel free to contact me by sending a private message to the page, emailing me on or by calling directly on 0879723300.

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