Greg’s Art Exhibition in Mountmellick

Friday, August 27th 2021

1:00 pm

Greg’s Art Exhibition in Mountmellick

@ Mountmellick Library and Gallery

For month of September

Greg Hallahan is an Irish artist who lives and works in Kildare. Greg began his career in art after studying in GMIT, and received his Masters in Fine Art from University of Chester in the UK.
Greg’s latest collection consists of cardboard and recycled cardboard that he has reimagined into intricately detailed works of art. Greg utilises the rigidity of cardboard through a very particular yet therapeutic process that involves cutting and tearing layers of the cardboard to portray the flowing and meandering sky. Each layer reveals a new texture and dimension that lies within the underbelly of the cardboard. He draws similarities between the cardboard material and the prehistoric structures, conveying the sense that both are hidden in plain view and more often than not, are taken for granted.
Greg wants to transport the viewer from the everyday material to a world that is beyond what things first seem and ordinary to a magical and mysterious realm. The stone circles and dolmens that Greg recreates are all real places that dot our ancient land that are usually hidden behind ditches and across fields where once they would have been crux of surrounding area and acted as the centre of our ancestors community. Greg uses cardboard, a recycled material, to transport the viewer metaphorically (acting as a Portal) into the world of the mysterious and on into magical through a contemplative state while keeping in mind our responsibility of taking care of our environment in a positive way.