Ensure crime doesn’t pay!

Ensure crime doesn’t pay!

Dodging the downpours yesterday I called into 3 different businesses in Laois. Of the trio two had been broken in the recent past. Admittedly it’s a laughably small sample but when twice as many businesses have been robbed than not then it’s time to wake up. Not only is crime a huge drain, both financially and emotionally, on already struggling businesses but it adds to the fearfulness of all the residents of our county.

Help the gardai help you.

Secure your property and possessions by following the advice of gardai. 

Every single part of the county seems to be falling victim to this plague. Ballylinan’s Post Office was a recent target. So too were some houses in Portlaoise recently when a quantity of jewellery was stolen in those break-ins. Tools and diesel were also taken in some swoops by criminals in the some of the county’s rural areas.

The gardai are at pains to underline line the importance of securing your goods and property like you would your own home. For tools as well as smaller more personal items it’s important to note their serial numbers as well as any other distinguishing marks plus taking photos of your property.

The gardai in Portlaoise have recovered both plant tools and bicycles in various quantities recently. If the owners have a record of their stolen items’ serial numbers then person and property can be reunited. So be vigilant, note down your property’s distinguishing marks, take photos of your possessions and hopefully this will lead to happier news stories from the frontline against crime in our county.  Those little actions by all of us will ensure that crime will never pay.