Electric Picnic Weather Update

Electric Picnic Weather Update

Electric Picnic Weather Update

ELECTRIC PICNIC 2016: With just a few days to go, any forecast for the three day festival is looking tricky to get right. Before we delve into our current thoughts, it is advised to ignore sensationalist headlines doing the rounds about hurricane Gaston hammering the country next weekend. There is *almost no chance* of this happening. Gaston is expected to fade out just west of the Azores Islands. Now, with that out of the way and a collective sigh of relief, we will take a look at what current computer models are suggesting:

FRIDAY – Sunshine to start the day, however cloud will develop as the morning goes on and showers look set to break out. As with the nature of showers, they are hit and miss – so it will take a slice of luck to remain totally dry. There will be a brisk breeze blowing from the south-west so the expected highs of 19c may not feel quite as warm. OVERNIGHT – Is where we expect it to cloud over rapidly and a spell of moderate rain (lasting a few hours) will push through, hopefully to be cleared by daybreak. The timing of this rain front is our biggest issue, some models suggest this to hit during daylight Saturday whilst others suggest Friday night. We are siding with late Friday night. Lows of 12c to 14c in brisk south to southwest winds.

Heading for Electric Picnic 2016? What's the weather got in store?

Heading for Electric Picnic 2016? What’s the weather got in store?

SATURDAY – Should our hunch prove right, we expect any early morning rain to quickly clear and sunny spells to develop. Like Friday though, showers look set to build for the afternoon. Winds from the northwest will be lighter, but feeling fresh with highs of 18c.

OVERNIGHT – Clearing skies and quite cool with lows of 7c to 10c so bring something warm for those sleeping in tents.
SUNDAY – Light northerly winds and decent sunny spells and just the small chance of an isolated shower. Highs near 19c, possibly 20c.

OVERNIGHT – Light variable winds and cool with lows of 8c to 11c. Holding dry under clear skies.
CONCLUSION – This is a preliminary forecast and we will issue updates as the week progresses. Although rain is forecast, we expect amounts not to adversely affect underfoot conditions – mainly as a result of the rather dry summer.
DATA USED: ECMWF, GFS and GEM models. Thanks to Cathal @LaoisWeather for this update.