Drought Warning Imminent

Drought Warning Imminent

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It never rains but it pours, it’s never dry but a drought. This adaptation of the old wives tale perhaps best describes our weather so far in 2020, with our weather alternating between the floods of late winter and the developing drought of late spring.

Two months of near dry weather in many parts of the country have left soil moisture deficits alarmingly high, and what’s even more alarming is that statistically we are entering the driest period of the year.

Soil moisture deficits are alarmingly high in some areas already. Graphic Credit: Ireland’s Weather Channel

With no substantial rain predicted for at least the next 10 days it appears as though drought conditions will be declared in many parts of the country by the coming weekend as deficits continue to rise.

The drought of 2018 saw soil moisture levels approaching 100 mm in some southeastern areas, and while we are still some way off those levels the long term trend is likely to push values increasingly close to those experienced during that long summer.

Temperatures too will be on the rise during the second half of the week, with values reaching back up to the low twenties possibly in southern and southeastern areas by the weekend as we lose the north to northeasterly winds.

Overall our very dry weather looks set to continue even beyond the 10 day trend. High pressure looks set to remain just to our southeast allowing southerly or southwesterly winds with a tropical origin to become established.

Blue Skies but no rain on the cards. Photo Credit Jim Brennan

This will ensure dry conditions across the majority of the country, with just the odd patch of light rain flirting along the west coast. Temperatures too are projected to be above average as we push towards the later stages of the month.

Overall the picture is somewhat concerning for the agricultural community, with perhaps another fodder shortage developing or difficulties with water supplies in some parts of the country.

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